Chapter 1

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Beep Beep Beep.....

I saw my alarm clock and then read closely...7:45 AM!I am so late.I got then brush my teeth then ran into my closet.I took a shirt,hoodie,jeans and converse and dressed up.

When I came down my brothers were playing with the food while my mom and dad were making out.

"Mom,Dad that is just freaking gross!Stop please your burning my eyes!"I cried

My parents stopped then realized there was a food fight in front of them,"Golly gees,BOYS STOP THIS INSTANT AND EAT PROPERLY!"My mother yelled

"Hey mom,dad you should reallllyyyy ground the boys ya know?"I recommended,it was time for them to get a lesson.

"Why?!!"My brother Andrew cried."Uh,you put mustard in my toothpaste last week and you were mocking and annoying me while I was practicing for my basketball tournament!"I cried

"Your sister is right.You boys are grounded for 2 weeks also clean up the mess."My mom ordered.Instantly they they did what they were told.I grabbed a bowl then put some cereal in it,poured some milk then ate.When I was done I took my bag and walked to the door,"Mom,Dad going for school.Bye!"."Bye!"they replied.

I walked into my school.My bros (my friends) were waving to me as I got to my first class and most hated class=Home ec.

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