Chapter Eight

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I woke up in the morning to a loud thud and an agonized groan. I got up and groggily went to where the noise came from only to find myself in Jake’s room where he was lying face first on the floor.

“Why are you on the floor?” I asked.

“Cause I thought it needed a hug.” He mumbled as he blindly swayed his arms on the floor.

“Is it a good hug?”

“Yeah, it’s alright.” I nodded and walked over him to his now empty bed where I flopped over onto it and shut my eyes in attempt to go back to sleep.

“How’re you feeling?” I asked, not opening my eyes.

“A bit sore, but I think everything’s okay.” He replied.

“Good.” I yawned and curled up into a tighter ball. I felt the bed shift under Jake’s weight as he climbed into the bed with me and cuddled me. His warmth comforted me and I started to doze off into his arms.

“Are you mad at me?” His worried voice broke through the sleepy daze.

“Yes and no.” I shrugged, keeping my eyes closed and nestling closer to him.

“Care to explain further?” He chuckled slightly and brushed his hand over my back, slipping his hand under my shirt so he could lightly massage my back.

“Well I’m mad because you said you would be safe, but I’m not mad because you’re still here with me and you’re okay now.”

“I love you.” He kissed the top of my head and snuggled me tighter.

“I can see you being very useful in the winter, with your body heat and all.” I mumbled causing him to laugh loudly. “Too bad I won’t be here to have that.” I added on sadly. Jake’s breath hitched before her adjusted our positions so we were facing each other.

“Stay with me.” He pleaded.

“My dad won’t let me.” I replied, looking away from his big brown eyes. He pulled me close and kissed my forehead again.

“I won’t be able to function without you.” He mumbled. I felt the tears well up and threaten to overflow, but I fought them away and tried to stay strong. I pretended to yawn to signal that I was tired before cuddling into his chest and closing my eyes.

“I love you, Jake.” I whispered quietly, loud enough for him to hear.

“I love you too.” He ducked down and kissed me quickly before resuming his position and falling asleep with me.

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