Wake Up For Me

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Wake Up For Me       


Tao was brought to the ER immediately after he collapsed. Suho's parents helped to pay the medical bills for Tao and the others. Baekhyun sat outside the ER and cried. Suho hugged the latter and rubbed his back soothingly. "I couldn't do anything for Tao... I'm so useless." Suho shook his head. "Don't say such nonesense! It's probably because his wound! I should tell Kris-" "Don't. Kris is in a terrible state. If he heard that Tao's in the ER, he'd freak out." Kai interupted. Xiumin nodded before standing. "Why don't we visit the others? We can't just sit here and wait." They agreed to Xiumin's idea but Baekhyun wanted to stay behind so they allowed him. Baekhyun looked at the red light and sighed. "Please be ok..."


Luhan peeked into the room and saw Sehun resting on the bed, eyes closed. Luhan tip-toed towards him and sat on the chair beside the bed. Luhan stared at Sehun's angelic features. Though Sehun's face had many bandages, Luhan still find Sehun beautiful and perfect. Luhan held Sehun's hand and stroke it with his thumb. Sehun moved, making Luhan sit up. "Hunnie?!" Sehun groaned in pain, shifting around the bed. Luhan quickly helped Sehun to sit up when the latter tried getting up. "Lu?" Sehun whispered, still too weak to speak. Luhan hugged the boy and sniffled. "Sehun-ah, I'll get the doctor, okay?" Sehun shook his head and held Luhan closer. "Stay." "Sehun." Sehun looked at Luhan with puppy eyes and pouted. Luhan flushed. Sehun was being too cute for him to resist. Luckily, a nurse came to check him up. "Sir. Please leave for a moment." The nurse asked nicely but Sehun held Luhan tighter, glaring at the nurse. Luhan forced himself out of Sehun's grip before leaving the room. "Well, since Sehun's awake, I should check on Baek!" Luhan jogged his way to the ER.


Kai looked at the trembling figure. D.O kept quiet since the incident. Sadness was shown in Kai's eyes. He felt useless. He couldnt protect D.O at all. D.O's eyes shown nothing but emptiness. Tears threaten to fall but Kai had to control his feelings. He tried to hold D.O's hand but the latter pulled away. That pierced throught Kai's heart and tears were freely flowing down. D.O did not fail to notice him crying. He looked at Kai and frowned. "Why are you crying?" He asked coldly. Kai shook his head and ran away. He didnt want D.O to see how weak he was. He didnt want D.O to be disappointed with him.


"Baekki!" Luhan saw Baekhyun asleep He shook the boy and when he looked at the red light, it turned off. He gasped and shook Baekhyun harder, causing the boy to flinch. "What?!" "Look!" Baekhyun looked at the red light and gasped. The doctor came out, his expression was serious. "Are you Tao's relatives?" Baekhyun shook his head. "I'm his best friends. Tao's parents left earlier due to their work." The doctor nodded in understandment. "Well, Tao had an attack. His wound caused him to collapse and that isn't good. Luckily, he is alright but he has to stay in the hospital. You may see him once he is at his ward." And the doctor left. Baekhyun covered his face with his hands and sobbed. "I couldn't take care of him. Luhan! Its all my fault..." Luhan embraced the boy. "Don't say that! Now, come on! Go see Tao. I need to see Sehun." Baekhyun nodded and wiped his tears away before leaving Luhan. "Thank god, i didnt put eyeliner."


"Eat!" Xiumin stuffed a bun into Chen's mouth, causing the poor boy to choke. "B-But I already ate twenty!" Xiumin pouted and placed his hands on his hips. "You need energy if you want to get well faster!" Chen rolled his eyes before smirking. "When did you suddenly become so caring?" Xiumin blushed and looked away. Suddenly, he started crying. Chen quickly pulled him into a tight embrace. "Why are you crying?!" Xiumin sniffled and glanced at Chen. "How can I ever repay you? You protected me and got hurt..." Chen chuckled and kissed his forehead. Xiumin pulled away and touched his forehead. Chen grinned, more like a smirk. "I know you like me, a Baozi." Xiumin flushed. Chen looked away, trying to hold his laughter but in the end, he burst out laughing. "Yah! It's not funny!" Xiumin took a bun and stuffed it into Chen's mouth.


Suho stared at Lay who was still asleep. "Lay, are you okay?" He sighed when didn't get any response. He grabbed a unicorn plushie and placed it beside Lay. Suho tucked him in before giving a peck on the lips. "Rest well." Suho turned to leave but Lay grabbed his hand. "S-Suho... stay." Suho instantly sat beside Lay and clutched his hands. "How are you feeling?" Suho asked as he kissed Lay's hands. Lay smiled at his lover. "I'm fine, Suho... Please stay." Suho nodded and stroked Lay's cheeks. "You should rest, Lay. Don't worry. I'm here." Lay smiled and closed his eyes, hugging the unicorn plusie tightly.

"Hunnie?" Luhan came into the room and saw Sehun sulking. "What's wrong, HunHun?" He noticed a food tray on Sehun's table and the boy isn't touching it. "The food is disgusting! I'm not eating eat." Luhan frowned and sat beside Sehun. "You have to eat, Hun!" Sehun crossed his arms and shook his head. Luhan glared at Sehun as he scooped up some food onto the spoon. He brought the spoon closer to Sehun but the latter covered his mouth and looked away. "No! Unless youbuy me something." "What?" "Bubble Tea~" Luhan placed the spoon on the plate and took the pillow behind Sehun and started hitting Sehun with it. "Ow! You can't do this to a patient!" "A patient can't drink things like Bubble Tea!" Sehun gave Luhan puppy eyes once again and Luhan dropped the pillow. "Fine! Now eat your food!" Sehun grinned as Luhan headed out to buy him bubble tea. Luhan felt as if it was once in a life time chance to see Sehun act all cute and irresistable. "And you call me childish."


"Taozi~ How are you feeling?" Baekhyun asked as he poured water for Tao to drink. "I'm fine, Baek." Tao smiled, assuring the boy that he is fine. "Don't you think you should see Chanyeol if he is ok?" Baekhyun bit his lips. "He should be fine-" "Go and be a good boyfriend! Go!" Baekhyun pouted but obeyed. Once Baekhyun left, Tao sighed. Tao got out of his bed and headed toward another ward, Kris's word. He opened the door and saw Kris looking out of the window. Tao knew that Kris was broken. Broken into pieces that are hard to fix back. "Kris..." Tao called out but Kris didn't turn to look at him. Kris was to ashame to look at anyone. Especially Tao. Tao sat beside Kris and tried looking at his face. Tao tilted a bit more and he could clearly see Kris's face. His face was red and swollen, aside from the cuts and bruises he got. Fresh tears were still flowing down Kris's face but Kris showed no emotion. His pride was shattered. He lost to an old man. He was utterly speechless.

"Kris don't act this way. Yes, you lost but so what? You can get back up, train harder and beat the shit out of that man." Kris finally looked at him but his eyes was cold. "So What?! Do you even know the pride of a leader?! Do you?!" Kris screamed at the top of his lungs. Tao flinched and whimpered. "I lost to an old man?! Do you know how it feels to get beaten up by an old faggot?!" Tao shook his head. Kris cried harder, clutching his hair tightly. Not only was he physically hurt, but mentally too. Tao tried to calm Kris down but his head started to hurt. He looked at Kris's broken state and memories started to flood in.

"Kris~ Buy me ice cream!!"

"Tao, I'm sorry" "Go away..."

"I understand that you hate me. I'll not bother you anymore."

"I forgive you ge~" "I'm so sorry Tao. Thank you..."

I'm sorry. I failed to protect you."

Tao screamed in pain. His head was throbbing again. "Tao? Tao?! TAO!!!" Tao heard Kris calling him before he blacked out.


Tao's memory is coming back!! D.O became a cold penguin XD

I used my freetime to write this chapter :) My exams are coming T.T

I'll try to update whenever I can!

I want to thank AriEXONico and jaehyunchoi for commenting and upvoting my story. :') Im soo happy! Thank You :')


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