chapter 22

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Austins pov

I need to fix this with Nellie. And i know just how.

"Janellie call Tianna Over!" I yelled up the stairs.

"Ok hun!" She yelled back.

Twenty minutes later Tianna walked into the room.

"Chu called?" She said sounding stupid.

"Tianna i need your help. Janellie and i are going on a suprise date tonight and i need you to help her get dressed. And ready." I whispered so nellie couldnt hear me.

"formal or informal?"


"You called the right person. How long do i have?"

"an hour"

"Perfect." She stated and walked up stairs.

tiannas pov

i opened the door to Janellies room and saw that she was lying in her bed.

"hup hup hup we needa get you dressed."


"party tonight" i lied

"ooh yay"

"yep now where is your closet im doing this." i said triumphantly

"over here."

she led me to the biggest close i could ever imagine. it was twice the size of mine and even with it being that big they still managed to fill it.

"holy crap. ok well go get all of your makeup out and puit it on the vanity while i get your clothes" i said.

i walked into her closet and saw there was a specific formal section.

"These" i mumbled to myself and grabbed two dresses.

"Janellie come here!" I yelled.

"What tianna?"

"Try these on" i said and handed her the dresses

"Okay....." she said and walked into her washroom.

"Red one first!"


Minutes later she came out.

"Sorry but no. Ruffles are a no..." i said


"Blue and black one" i said motioning to her baby blue dress with black lace.


When she came out i stopped. The dress was short but not too short and it made her look nice.

"This one?" She asked

"Yes. Time to do your makeup" i replied

30 minutes later

Perfect i thought when i finisjed her makeup.

Austin yelled up, "come on time to go!"

Nellie ran downstairs. I watched austin whisper in her ear and she smiled.

"Thank you Tianna" she whispered barely audible

"No problem. Now go on out."

Janellies pov

"You look amazing" austin told me for the 20th time tonight.

I just blushed

"Hey Janellie look theres our food." He said and i turned around. The waitress was walking up to us. She set our food on the table and we started to eat and talk about useless things.

-2 hours later-

We walked out and the sun was setting. Austin insisted on driving.

"Where are we going?" I askedwhen i noticed we were going the oppisite way home.

"You'll see" he smirked

Minutes later we were at a run down park.

Why? I wondered

We got out of the car and he grabbed my hand. We walked until we found a small pond. It was beautiful. The sunlight was reflecting off it with such beauty.... I turned to austin and i didnt see him so i turned in a full circle and saw he was behind me.

On one knee

Holding a ring.

I started to cry.

"Oh my god yes yes yes yes yes austin yes!" I whisper yelled. I cried and hugged him.

He slipped the ring on my finger it was a simple band with a big lime green and purple swirled gem in the center the size of my thumb nail.

I cried.

After they get home

I have to call tianna.

Phone call with nellie and tianna

"Tianna you wont believe what just happened come over fast!"

"Hahaha calm down nellie i will be over soon"

"M'kay bye"


Whem tianna got here I showed her the ring.

"Oh.My.God. Did he...?" She said awestruck

"YES!!" I screamed.

"Yay!!" We screamed together.

"Sorry to cut this short but I need a go home goodnight"

"Night!" I said and walked into mine and austins room. He was already asleep so i crawled in and snuggled into him.

Awwwee i wrote y'all a sappy ass chapter i hope y'all like it! Byeee


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