I'm outside your door invite me in..

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Today was Thursday and I finally felt fully rested. There were only a few days left until the show and my band and I where no where near ready. We hadn't even mastered the two songs I had given them last night and I was supposed to come up with one more song for tonight. I was definitely feeling the pressure of everything boxing me in and beginning to bury me. I knew I couldn't crack now, I was so close.

I'm my first class Amelia and I talked about what we wanted our dresses to look like.

The day flew by. Patrick and I ate lunch alone today in the cafeteria. Just being near him again was giving me the same feeling as he gave me last night. I just wanted to lean across the table and kiss him or touch his hair or face or maybe just look into his eyes until I didn't feel like this anymore, this feeling was weird. I was snapped out of my thoughts by the muffled low hum of background chatter of everyone in the cafeteria. I also realized Patrick was saying my name.

"Huh?" I said coming out of my daze

"The guys and I have prom all planned out, and they have the costumes for Saturday." He said. "Pete also wanted to tell you he's sorry for being so crazy the other day. He said it was just a bad day."

"Tell him I understand." I said.

"I think he was just pissed because he liked you or whatever" I scrambled my brain through the nervousness to find something to say.

"Ewww" was all I could think of as I scrunched my nose, but it had successfully made Patrick smile.

"I'm glad you're in a band too, we get to spend more time together in a different way, it's kind of cool to see you sing." He nudged me a little playfully.

"But unfortunately we don't really have time to spend together in a normal way." I said.

"Tonight, after our practices we can." He said. "I thought you weren't too keen on spending time with me in a normal way" he said.

"I think I changed my mind." I said making him look straight at me. We both knew what we were actually talking about here. Patrick cleared his throat nervously before he spoke again.

"I don't want you to feel like I'm Making you-" Patrick began but I cut him off with an assuring tone.

"You're not. I promise. I do what I want."

"Nothing has to happen" he said carefully."

"I know." I said in reply.


Patrick carried my guitars into Kevin's house again.

"You know, your my boyfriend not my pack mule." I said as we descended the stairs to the basement.

"I'll be anything you want me to be." He chuckled.

"Well in that case, Paige, can tell him to be the guy that helps us out again because were feeling pretty fucked right now." Kevin smiled and Patrick went all awkward on me from not realizing they were listening.

"What's the problem guys?" Patrick asked as the took turns listing everything including the news to me that they had been here all night practicing.

"Let's just hear what you guys have so far" Patrick said confused by all the problems.

I joined them and we played the first two songs that they had down pretty well, the new two were the problem the first one Nate, yet again had bass problems with and the lyrics just felt wrong to me the guys all agreed it didn't fit. The second song we worked out quickly.

"Okay," Patrick said setting things straight. "So its just the lyrics and bass on that one song. I think I should call Pete in on this one seeing as he specializes in both." Patrick said and took out his phone making dread hit me. Sure Pete could probably help them, but I had a feeling he was going to make things worse for me.

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