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Before I get started just saying there out of MAGCON for a while and back in school lol

Riley's •POV•

I was walking the empty quiet halls. I was about to enter the gym when I bumped into someone.

I look up and to my in unexpecting, it's hayes.

"Oh hey hayes!!"

"Hey Riley" he says

"Sorry about that" I say

"It's fine we'll I got to go to class bye." He says in a happy tone

Wonder what's got him all in a happy mood

I brushed the thought off and finished walking to the gym.

I walk in and see about 12 shirtless sweaty boys, playing basket ball.

I looked around but someone , just someone caught my eyes.

He was so close to abs. and when I mean so close I mean close. Like one sit up could give him the abs.

I look up from his almost perfect abs to see 11 boys still playing basket ball but when I look up those darling blue eyes staring right back at me. I quickly look away and cut through the gym when someone grabs my wrist. I wince at the pain from when I had cut myself a while back, luckily he didn't notice.

I looked over to see the blue eyed boy. "Like what you see.?" I hear him whisper with a tired but hot voice from playing basket ball.

I left his grip and just stared into those perfect blue eyes. I felt good. I felt safe? Am I having feelings for this blue eyed boy? Next I felt a pair of muscular arms wrap around my waist and my arms wrap around his neck...

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