When I pulled out of my driveway, I was extra careful on the ice plastered onto the cement and road. During the night, multiple inches of snow had fallen leaving a white layer on everything around me. Luckily, the streets were plowed. But I still wasn't lucky

Maybe it's that I had just woken up. I was too tired to pay attention to the truck about to turn, and maybe I was too tired to notice that I was swerving pretty badly on the ice. I'll tell you though, every ounce of tiredness in my body went away the minute I heard the crash. My eyes were wide open the second the truck crashed through the passenger seat of my car. Glass flew, some shards piercing my skin and some only cutting me, slicing my face and arms. I screamed as the pain took over my body. I'm going to die I thought to myself - I'd rather die than feel this much pain

When I woke up momentarily after the collision, I heard whispers. I felt dizzy and drained of all energy, but I managed to turn my head. I had to hold in a scream when I saw two guys sitting in the destroyed back seat of what used to be my car. One boy  was blonde with pale skin and dimples. His eyes were bright blue - I saw beauty and purity and kindness in him. The other boy looked to be the complete opposite. The second boy was beautiful too, but in a different way. He was dark. Tan skin, dark hair, and matching dark eyes. I didn't see kindness in him as I saw in the boy sitting next to him. They both seemed to be around my age, at least 18 or 19. 

"You woke the girl up." The darker guy grumbled

"It's okay, it was time for her to wake up anyways." The other said with a smile.

"There wasn't supposed to be a time for her to wake up. She should be dead."

I didn't have the strength to ask what they were talking about or even scream "Why the hell are you in the back of my car?!" like I wanted to. I felt an especially large gash on the side of my face oozing blood, and plenty more along my arms.

The blonde shook his head. "She's supposed to be dead, but let's be happy she's alive. We've got to get her fixed up though if we want to explain this all to her."

The other scowled again. "Yeah, I'll have to cover up another one of your messes."

The two strange boys fought for a bit, but my head was throbbing so hard that I couldn't pay attention to their words. I let my eyes fall shut as if everything was just a dream that I could wake up from.

* * *

When I awoke next, I found myself on my couch in my house. I looked at the clock on the side table. It read 6:30 AM. Now, I would've assumed it had all been a dream (or nightmare) if it hadn't been for two teenage guys, one on each side of me. I groaned.

The blonde haired boy frowned. "Are you not happy to see us?"

"I'd be a lot happier if I knew what the hell was going on." I told him, and he looked hurt.

He nodded and took a deep breath. "I'm Michael and this is Damian." He pointed to the guy on my left, who now had a name. "We're angels - it's our job to carry people's souls to the other side when they die."

Damian rolled his eyes. "Let's get to the point. You were supposed to die in that car accident but you didn't. So we erased everything that happened this morning."

I touched my face and looked at my hands remembering the shards of glass. I shuddered thinking of the pain. With the broken glass stuck in my body and cuts across my skin, I thought I was going to die. "So none of that ever happened?"

Michael shook his head. "Nope, nobody remembers the accident except for the three of us."

I wish that I could forget about it. I thought to myself.

"So is that all? You were there to take me to the other side and now you can't? So we'll just all walk away and pretend like this never happened?" I asked hopefully, directing the question towards Michael and not  Damian.

Apparently Damian didn't get the memo, because he responded instead. "Look I wish that you would've died so I could go on with my life instead of wasting my time with this." I tried not to be offended by his harshness. "But sadly, that's not how it works."

Michael interrupted the darker angel. "Waste your time? Damian you're immortal." He shook his head. "Anyways, there's one rule in the book that deals with occurences such as the one on hand. True love."

I raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

Damian laughed, which was the first time I heard him do so. "I've always thought it was cliche too."

"So this has happened before?" I asked the two.

"Do you think you're special or something? Of course this has happened before." Damian informed me matter-of-factly.

Michael frowned at Damian's behavior. Even when he frowned he was beautiful. Damian was beautiful also, just in a darker way. Not to mention his terrible personality.

I turned my attention to Michael. "So you have to deal with this guy for all of eternity?"

He laughed. "He's not so bad once you get to know him."

"That's pretty hard to believe." I told Michael.

Damian rolled his eyes - seemingly a signature move for the dark angel. "Let's get on with it. Zoe Marcus: you have 31 days or until the end of the month to find true love. If you don't meet the requirements in time... Well then your original fate awaits you. Secondly, if you tell anyone about any of this, we'll have to let you die also." 

"I'll die if I don't find true love?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes... But, on the brighter side," Michael smiled at me - his smile was perfect. "I'll be rooting for you."

Damian just sighed. "She won't live to see next month." 

And with that, the two boys disappeared without a trace.

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