Our first show was in Mobile Alabama. I get a lot of love here and it'll be just like performing at home.

Everyone on the bus was asleep which left me up with my thoughts. Lord knows I hate being in my mind because I hate realizing shit and when I realize shit I'm usually calling to make mends. I can't apologize to Nique after I said I want to break up with her to have sex for five months. I had just gained her trust and her love and then I break her heart out of nowhere. She was yelling at me but her eyes were telling me she was crying inside.

Damn Rodriguez you're an idiot if you think any girl is gonna be better than Nique. These hoes ain't save their virginity and let you take it. Nique was everything I could have asked for but I fucked it up with my hormones.

I picked up my phone and texted her.

Me: Zonnique I'm sorry for the other day. I am an idiot I know, and I know you won't take me back but can we atleast be friends?

I waited a strong 45 minutes for her to text back. When my phone finally vibrated I caught chills. I quickly opened it and was discouraged.

Bae: Who's this?

I just laid my phone down in the seat next to me. Damn she don't even know me anymore. I bet she already found someone who deserves a beautiful girl like herself.

Back stage I was getting dressed for the show. The building was packed with people and I was on first. The crowd roared through the building and it was incredible to hear. This made me take my mind off of Zonnique even if it was temporary.

I heard my cue to go on stage and I ran out with all of the energy in the world.

"How y'all doing tonight?! "

The crowd roared which bring brought a huge smile to my face.

"I said... How y'all doing tonight?!"

The whole city could hear them yelling the second time.

The dj played the first song which was Soldier ft Rich Homie. I sang and did the dance moves while the crowd rocked with me.

"Your my soldier, my lil soldier baby! " the crowd yelled.


"Great show everybody! Hard work calls for a hard celebration. "

Issa's manager is so ghetto. How the hell do you encourage your artist to get drunk? But oh well I need a few drinks. It's like after I stepped off stage my high blew over. Now I'm thinking of the situation between Nique and I.

"Que you good?" Issa asked as he placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah . Where we tryna turn up at?" I asked. A smile crept up on his face.

"I got just the place."

The club was packed with fine bitches and that was it. How am I gonna go from a woman to a bitch?

"We got a sea here and here are your fish. I'm going to Skype my fish in VIP. " before I could respond Issa was gone.

I sat at the bar drinking drink after drink and rejecting the girls who were offering way too much. I pulled out my phone and attempted to text Zonnique.

Me: I love u so fucking much but you ignoring me

Bae: Jacquees please leave me alone

Me: just love me again. I'm hurting, I know I messed up but I'm human.

Bae: I'm hurting and I know you messed up but just because you admitted it to yourself doesn't mean I'm taking u back.

Me: I'll always be around because I know something u know too.

Bae: and that is?

Me: I nut inside of you before we broke up. It's been a few days but I know your period supposed to come on the 22nd this month. You won't be having it.

Bae: I hate you.

My heart was breaking and I was getting more angry than anything. I ordered another drink because I need something to get me off of Zonnique.

"Tough night?" The bartender asked.

She was pretty and I could tell this isn't really her scene. She wore her hair curly and wild, she was the same shade of brown as Nique and she had pretty almond shaped eyes. Her teeth were perfectly aligned in her mouth.

"Something like that. "

"I'm Lorrie." She held her hand out.

"I'm Rodriguez. " we shook hands.

"I'll take a shot with you. Propose a toast to better tomorrow's. May every day be as easy as a Sunday!" She clanked the glasses together and we both drank.

"My ex just told me she hates me."

"You seem so nice though. My landlord is kicking me out if I don't come up with $950.32 by the end of the night." She said

"I'd drink to that. How much you made so far?"

She pulled out a tip jar with only twenty dollars in it. I laughed a bit before I pulled out my wallet. I paid for my drinks and then I put a full thousand in the tip jar.

"Pay your bills Lorrie." I said.

"Wait Rodriguez how can I repay you?" She asked.

" Give me your number. I'll call when o sober up." I said.

She smiled and wrote her number on the back of the bar company car then I slipped it in my wallet.

"Take it easy Rodriguez. Take a cab home."

"I got a whole tour bus waiting for me outside."

She smirked and winked at me. I found my way to the bus and I got comfortable inside. My phone vibrated so I checked it.

Bae: I slept with Zoey (multimedia )

I'm going to fucking kill him when I touch down in the A.

Me: Fuck whoever, you'll still be pregnant with the next generation of Broadnax.

Bae: Yeah we'll see PST please that'll never happen. You couldn't get the satisfaction of trapping me.

Me: Trapped? You wouldn't let me out but what ever. Lol you being a petty bitch right now so goodnight, I love you Nique.


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