Part 10

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Joslyn's POV

"WAKE UP IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP" I heard someone scream.I opened my eyes and I saw cam look at me and mouth the words 'I hate him' 'me too' I said back.



"Ok ok......its just I have a surprise"

"What kind of surprise" I asked still having my arms around Cam's torso.

"Follow me" he whispered.

"KIAN" I screamed letting go of Cam and I jumped onto Kian's back.

"JOSLYN"he screamed back and pulling me of and turning around.

I ran into his arms and said low enough to where only he could hear"i missed u so much and plz don't tell me Taylor is here" "ummm he is".

I let go of Kian and fell to the ground.

"Joslyn are u ok?!" Kian asked.

I didn't answer.

"Joslyn is that really u" a voice came from behind Kian and I looked up then I shot right up and ran behind Cam.He knew why I was hiding.

"I'll kick his ass for u" Cam said and started to walk to Taylor."hey man ummm? what are u doing" Taylor asked an right before I could get to Cam he had already punched Taylor in the eye.

"CAM WHY DID U DO THAT??!!!??!?" Taylor screamed."yeah why Camer-" Kian said looking at me and he quickly got quiet and just helped Taylor up.

When Taylor got up he through a punch at Cams face and he fell back and he has knocked out.

"CAM!!.... FUCK U TAYLOR"i said walking up to Taylor and slapping him across the face."u have no idea how long I have been waiting to do that to u"I said quietly.

After I did that all I knew is that everything went black after that.

-A's note -

Srry for the very short story but I promise I will try to make my next one longer than this one and this one might have been cheesy but I don't care!😝😋😁😍✌️💁

Ig: Joslyn_Bisby

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