Chapter 9

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'The light can't reach everywhere. Unless you make it' ~Lightpaw

Lightpaw's POV:

"Okay then.. " I watched Blizzardpaw stalk away. 'what a weird question' I thought. 'every cat has a mother' I thought of my mother, and decided to visit her.

" Lightpaw " Shinefur mewed happily.

" Mother " I licked her cheek. " Dad is teaching me how to gather moss. It's so boring! " .

" You need to collect moss for nests. " Shinefur mewed, amusement in her eyes.

" I hate it. All the other Apprentices do battle training! "

" Because they are older. Maybe Oakpaw can help you gather moss " Shinefur suggested.

" Why do you suggest Oakpaw? " I twitched my ears.

" Well, maybe... I don't know, but he seems to hang out with you alot "

" So? " I mewed. Then Blazingfire yelled my name.

" Lightpaw! We need to gather moss. " he hollered across the camp. I growled and my eye twitched in annoyance. Does he have to let the whole world know that I have to collect moss?

" Coming! " I yell over my shoulder and say bye to my mother. I stalked towards the orange Tom. " Dad I hate collecting moss. "

" Lightpaw Moss is great. It keeps our nests warm and comfortable. " Blazingfire mewed.

" Moss moss moss. Why can't you collect it! " I eventually growled .

" Lightpaw don't talk to me like that! " Blazingfire hissed.

" Haha. I'd rather learn battle moves like everyone else! Tinypaw is and so is Tigerpaw! "

" You're so disrespectful. " Blazingfire growled slightly.

Blizzardpaw snickered, watching us. I rolled my eyes. " keep your nose on your face and out of my business! " I yelled at him.

" My nose is always on my face" he mewed, with a smirk.

"Then keep it there and away from my business! " I hissed.

" If you haven't noticed, it always is here" he said with a chuckle.

I growled and pushed aside Blazingfire and into the forest.

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