Tormented (Poetry in Prose)

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Tormented by the fact I will never see you again

I need you to know how much I adore you. 

Your beautiful face and eyes

Make me, a man, sigh

Over how beautiful you are

Your violet eyes are like gems in the night

To anyone, they are a beautiful sight

And your lovely hair

So unique and so fair

How I've wanted to run my fingers through there

Sweet Serenity,

I have loved you for so long that

It hurts keeping this adoration from you

I am a tortured man under love's vice

Your innocence keeps me from confession

I want to feel your lips upon mine

And your hands in my hair

You probably think that I'm not all there

I wish to feel your skin against mine

Joined as one flesh

Darling Serenity,

I do not wish to frighten you

With these feelings of love to you directly

I am a damned coward...

Which is why I write this poem

I love you with every fiber of my being

I hope this declaration of love

Will make you sing

You have a lovely voice...

The very voice that I fell in love with

My desire for you torments me...

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