Chapter 1

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  • Dedicated to Kaye Wagoner

        I sighed and looked out of the car window, disgusted. I was looking at my new high school, Inksville High School. Inksville was a small town. Well, I couldn't even call it a town. It's more of a community than anything. 

        "Okay, Josh have a great day." My mom told me handing me my lunch. "I'll pick you up here at 3:00."

        I nod and open the car door. My converse hit the pavement and I sling my backpack over my shoulder. I shut the car door behind me and looked at all the teens lounging outside. Cliques stood near me, making curious glances at me. 

        "Who is she?" I heard someone call out to my left, pointing at me. I know, I am not the prettiest but does everyone have to draw attention to myself all the time?

        It seemed like wherever I went attention always came to me. Whether it was a supermarket, or a restaurant someone pointed me out. It was like I couldn't become invisible, which is what I wanted to turn. Having so much attention focused on you for 16 years of your life was hardly easy. Especially being an only child. 

        That's until my mother had gotten knocked up by my neighbor. Shes married, of course to my father. She was bored with him as he could no longer pleased her and a "hot" neighbor had moved in so she had an affair and had gotten knocked up. The day my dad had found out was not pleasant. He knew right off the bat it wasn't his because they hadn't had sex that recently. But, my dad calmed down after a week or two and stayed with my mom through the entire pregnancy. He wanted to leave, but he didn't think it was right to leave a mom with a 16 year old daughter alone while she was pregnant. My dad was nice like that. Until my mom found him hanging in his closet the morning she came home from giving birth to my little brother.

        I sighed and looked down at my Doctor Who shirt, black jeans and converse. I pushed through the curious crowd and entered the school. I pulled open the heavy black door to the office and let it swing close behind me. I stared at the secretary and she stared back at me. God, she was so gorgeous. She flipped her long brown hair behind her shoulder, flashing her outstanding green eyes. I gulped and walked over to her desk. My hands were shaking of nerves. 

        "Um hi. I'm a new student here and was wanting to pick you up." I blushed and realized what I had just said. "I-I meant my schedule." My cheeks reddened even more and I looked at my feet, incredibly embarrassed. 

        "Right, name please?" She asked me, her Southern accent spilling out of her mouth. I smiled at once. I loved Southern accents. 

        " My names Josh Gladdin. G-l-a-d-d-i-n is how you spell my last name." I said, looking up and flashing her a big smile. 

        The secretary nodded and picked through a stack of papers before pulling mine out of the stack. "Here you are, Josh."

        She handed me the papers and I smiled. I turned my back towards her and looked at my schedule. I groaned internally. I had Gym first hour? But then I had to go the rest of the day, stinking.

        I pushed the office door and walked down a hallway to find the gym. I looked at all the artwork on the wall and hoped I had art. I loved to paint. I sucked at drawing but I was exceptionally good at painting. 

        I found the gym three minutes later with the help of a janitor who had been kind and helped me along my way. The bell rung and everyone started to walk in the same direction I was walking so I guessed I would be in a big class. I sighed and opened the door gym. My jaw hit the floor and I gaped. The gym was amazing. There were two basketball courts, a weight room, swimming pool, aerobics classroom, and a volleyball net. I'm guessing they really like athletics here. Which sucked because I was down right horrible at sports. 

        I walked to the locker room and it immediately smelled like too much perfume in there. I turned the corner and walked into the Coach's office. She looked up and grunted at me. 

        "Who the hell are you?" She had asked me in a rude manner. She had bright pink everything on from head to toe. Her dirty blonde hair swooped up in a tight bun on the back of her head. She had two moles on each side of her face with hair growing out of them and her teeth were badly crooked. 

        "I'm a new student here." I said, looking at her wall. I couldn't stand looking at her face any longer.

        "Oh, yeah. Josh, right? I had already picked you out a locker. We have no locks at this school because we can't afford them. Get dressed." She said, thrusting her arm out which held a paper. The paper had my locker number on it. 

        I grabbed the paper and walked to my gym locker, every girl I passed giving me their full attention until I had passed them. I found my locker and opened it. I immediately saw a gooey substance on the back of my locker wall and sighed. I took my backpack off my shoulder and got dressed for gym. Why does the public schools make you do gym? I whined quietly to myself, shutting my locker and hurrying out to the gym so I wouldn't be late. I let the locker door close behind me as I couldn't move. Someone was standing at the other end of the gym and she was drop dead gorgeous. 

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