More of That Night.

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After driving my car home I'd told my parents I was going to Kendall's place for the night. They accepted the lie without concern because Kendall was seen as a good influence being in marching band and all.

Kendall picked me up a few minutes later and we drove toward the party. The party that night was in a boy named Grant's woods. He and brothers hunted a good deal so his parents had bought a few acres of woods and there happened to be a nice large clearing in the center which was perfect for a party.

At the beginning of the party I didn't really drink. I didn't wanna be impaired in case Michael or my parents called. Kendall asked me to come with her to meet one of Grant's older brothers, both of which had generously brought the booze. "His name is Cameron." Kendall had said. "I heard he's a total hottie. Think he'll go for a band geek?" I'd laughed her off and taken her to meet him. They'd hit it off nicely but he kept staring at me in an odd way as the night went on.

Around 3AM I told Kendall I was ready to go back to her place seeing as I was buzzed and she was sloshed. The moment she opened her mouth to tell me she was ok with what I had said Vomit Soup came out. I'd taken her keys moments before and starting walking up the trail to her car. While neither of us were in a state to be driving we'd been through this same scenario a dozen times and had always made it through alive. As I was walking Cameron came out from behind a tree. "You're a pretty girl. Let's take a walk." He had said. Id taken off to run but he had me knocked out cold, with a brick he'd had down at his side, before I got very far.

And that was the last thing I remember before I began my new nightmare of a life in this underground prison.

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