Chapter 4

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"So first, try to focus all your energy in a ball," Goku instructed. I did just that. I'd try doing that once before to try and prove that the force is real. After a while, a little yellowish ball of light formed in between my hands.

"Good, now do that, but underneath your body," he once again instructed. I closed my eyes as I did so and I was surprised to see myself at least 3 feet off the ground when I opened them. In shock, I stopped focussing and fell onto my hands and knees.

"Ouch!" I groaned. My wrist really hurt.

"Good, now you know how to fly. If you start practicing that you'll get much better,"

"Isn't that the case with everything?" I asked.

"Yeah, pretty much," he replied. "Now, try and fly around," I got off the ground a foot or two, and started to, slowly hover around.

     "Cool!" I exclaimed, and started to go faster. My landing was a little rough. We ate lunch and then I went outside to practice my poor flying skills. After a while, Goku came and asked me this:

     "Hey would you be able to stay here for a while?"

     "Yeah, but for how long?" I asked.

     "A year or two," he winced as he did before.

     "Still yeah. Mom doesn't care what I do anymore,"


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