(Rowan' P.O.V.)

"Here you go everyone, season one's finale script," Micheal said handing the scripts to everyone.

I starting skimming trough the script, and once I land on the last page I stop. I can't believe what it says, "Sab!"

Sabrina starts to walk over to me, " Yeah Row."

"Can you read the last page for me? I just don't think I understand it."

"Ummm... sure."

She starts to read: " Peyton: ' Maya, I have feelings for you, real feelings. I don't like Riley, I never did, I always liked you.'

Sabrina:'But Lucas,I can't hurt Riley's feeling.'

Lucas leans in and kisses Maya."

"So I was right, you and Peyton kiss."

"No Lucas and Maya kiss. You like Peyton I don't, I would never kiss him to hurt you."

(Sabrina's P.O.V.)

"Take One," Micheal said.

"Maya,I have feelings for you, real feelings.I don't like Riley, I never did. I always liked you."

Peyton looked so cute, right there talking to me, confessing his love for me. I want to skip my line and just great straight for the kiss, with his perfect lips. Everything about him is perfect. SABRINA ANN LYNN STOP!! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND ROWAN LIKES PEYTON.

"But Lucas, I can't hurt Riley's feelings," I reply as Maya.

It's time! It is time, his face is moving closer,his lips are getting closer to mine.

There they are, right up against mine, it feels so perfect. All the kisses I had with Bradely cannot compare to this.  Peyton was just the best kisser ever, I don't ever want his lips to leave mine. This kiss is making me realize how I really feel about Peyton. I liked him,I really like him.

"And that's a wrap."

Peyton took his lips off mine, which was something I never wanted t happen, but of course it had to. Rowan walks up to me looking scared.

"That was the longest ten seconds of my life," Rowan said letting out a sigh.

"Really, I thought that was really short, " I said back even though I didn't mean it.


After i gathered everything from my dressing room, I lock my door, and start to walk down the hallway. As I'm walking I see Peyton walk out of his dressing room.

"Peyton wait up!' I scream after him.

He just ignores me, and starts to walk faster. I'm so confused, why would he do that to me.

"I know that having you two kiss would ruin everyone's relationship,"Corey says coming up behind me.

" What do you mean?" I said back.

"He had mixed feelings about you, and probably after the kiss he knows how he feels, and he can't tell you because of Bradley."

"Wait he likes me!"

"Don't asked surprised."

I can't believe that PEYTON FREAKING FREYER likes me!  No I can't because of Rowan, and also Bradley, but it is Peyton. And, I never felt that way I did with Peyton, with Bradley. It was indescribable, so really the only thing keeping us apart is Rowan.

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