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"Morning," I smile to Luke as I walk into the kitchen. "Someone looks like they slept well," he laughs. "I did," I smile. We both start making ourselves some food and Calum and Michael come downstairs. "What did I miss?" Michael asks stopping when he sees me. "Long story," I laugh. "Well I'm happy you're here," he smiles hugging me. "Ken can you go get Ash? We're going to be late," Luke says. I nod and run upstairs and see him laying asleep. "Ashton," I say shaking him. "What," he groans pulling his glasses on. "My four eye twin," he smiles when he sees me with my glasses on too. "Morning," I laugh. "What are you doing here?" he asks jumping out of bed. He wraps his arm around my shoulders as we talk and head downstairs. "Finally, lets go," Michael groans. "Someones grumpy," I laugh. "Always," Michael chuckles. "What are up up to today?" Calum asks. "Just hanging out, is it cool if I stay here for the day?" I ask. "Ya go for it," Luke nods. "We have an interview, we have to get going now," Michael waves as he pulls on shoes. "Okay bye guys," I laugh as they walk out to the cars waiting for them. I watch as they drive off and look around the house. Dishes lay everywhere, including underwear and socks. "Wow," I laugh. I turn on some music and get to cleaning the house down. My phone rings and I see it's Niall. I cancel the call and put it on silent. While I clean the house I dance around like a maniac to the music blasting. Getting to the boys rooms was torture. I opened the door to Michaels room and food plates were everywhere. I grab them all and shove them into the sink to soak. Make his bed, put his laundry into the washer, and vacuum his floor. Ashton's room was a whole other story. Clothes lay everywhere, including broken drumsticks. I toss them all down to the laundry room and clean his room up quickly. Luke's room is pretty clean, with underwear everywhere. Hidden in corners and in his bed sheets. "This is so gross," I laugh as I fill his laundry with boxers. Calum's room is similar to Ashton's, with the exception of moldy cups. "Fuck," I say covering my mouth as I toss them into the garbage. I head into their music room and beer bottles are everywhere. I toss them into a garbage bag and head outside. It's slightly rainy, which isn't different from any London weather. I walk around in my slippers and pull the garbage into the dumpster. I run back inside and head up to my room. I lay back on my bed and scroll along online. A knock at the door ruins my silence and I get up quickly. "Hello," the young mailman says at the door. "Hi," I smile taking the box from him. "I have something for Kennedy Pierce," he says holding the signature board out for me. "That's me," I laugh taking it. "Oh ya, I've seen you in magazines," he smiles. I laugh and hand the board back to him. "It was nice to meet you," he smiles. "You too," I smile back closing the door. I grab the box and open it. "Kennedy, we miss having you in our shoots. Lets shoot soon. Sincerely Victorias Secret," I read the card. I smile and open it and find some black lingerie in it. "Oh my god," I squeal. I head into my room and change into it. The black contrasts with my skin and is tight against me. The panties make my butt look huge and my boobs look bigger. I pose in the mirror and look at it. "Oh shit," I hear someone behind me say. I jump and turn around and see Calum standing there. "Cal!" I scream covering myself with a shirt. "Sorry," he laughs still standing in the doorway. "Get out!" I yell pushing his chest and slamming the door. My cheeks burn as I change back into a tank top and shorts. I laugh to myself slightly and put the box on the counter. The boys are talking outside of my room so I walk out to the living room. "How was your day?" I ask. "Good," Ashton smiles. "Thanks for cleaning it looks so good in here," Mikey laughs. "No problem, I was bored," I laugh. The three of them laugh and I look around. "Um where's Cal?" I ask. "He's in his room," Luke says. I nod and walk down the hall to Calum's room. "Oh fuck," I hear him groan through the door. My eyes go big and I wait outside for a minute. "Oh Kennedy fuck," he moans. I cover my mouth and feel my cheeks burn. I turn right around from the hallway and Luke is standing in the kitchen alone. "Find him?" he asks. "Nah, I'll just talk to him later," I cough getting a glass of water. Luke nods and he heads upstairs. I grab my phone and sit on the couch, pulling a blanket over me. "Where'd everyone go?" Calum asks coming around and sitting next to me. "To their rooms," I laugh. Calum nods and wraps his arm around my shoulder, pulling the blanket over him. "So how was your wank?" I ask casually. Calum's body tenses up next to mine and he chuckles lightly, "it was good." I laugh and look up at him, "I was going to go into your room but I heard you and thought better not." "If you had come on in I wouldn't I have needed my hand," he smirks at me. I laugh and roll my eyes, continuing scrolling through twitter. "We should try that," Cal says resting his head on my shoulder. "Try what?" I ask. "Y'know, just messing around," he smirks. "Like friends with benefits?" I laugh. "Ya, lots of benefits," Calum asks kissing my neck. A gasp escapes my lips and Calum smiles against my skin. "How about not right now," I say pushing him off. Ashton comes downstairs and Luke follows him, "we're going out tonight!" "Where to?" Michael asks coming out of the bathroom. "Club somewhere, want to come?" they all ask. I shake my head, "not feeling it." "Ya I think I'll stay in," Calum says. Rubbing my thigh under the blanket. My body tenses up and the boys all look to get their stuff. I grab Calum's hands to pull him off and he stays there, moving up my thigh slowly. "Alright, see you guys later!" the three all wave. We both wave and as soon as the close the door I laugh and slap Calum's chest. "What?" he asks continuing to move his hand up my leg. "You're a tease," I laugh. "Only because I know you like that," he says. Calum's lips press against my neck and my eyes close shut. "Cal," I moan as his hand rides up to my shorts. I turn and climb onto his lap, so I'm straddling him and I kiss him hard. His hands cup my ass as I grind my hips against him and we kiss each other hard. "Fuck Kennedy," Calum moans into my mouth. He runs his hands up my shirt and laughs, throwing his head back. "What?" I ask sitting back on his thighs. "I thought you might have the lingerie on under that," he laughs. I roll my eyes and Calum pulls me against him. He pulls my shirt over my head and flips me onto my back. I tug his skirt and toss it onto the floor. Calum kisses down my chest and down to the top of my shorts. "Don't be a tease," I say looking down at him. He pulls my shorts and panties down. "Fuck," I gasp as his lips press against my core. He holds onto my breast and I hold his head down against me. "Calum," I moan as my hips jump up to meet his mouth. "Don't yet," he says jumping up and pulling his pants and boxers off. He enters me and I gasp and dig my nails into his back. "Shit Ken," he moans. My back arches and Calum wraps his arm around my waist and holds me against him. "Cal I'm," i gasp. We both let go and my nails dig into his back. "Wow," I laugh laying back. Calum lays down next to me and pulls me onto his chest. "That was really good," he laughs. I giggle and lay my head on his chest. "I'm sleepy," I yawn closing my eyes. Calum rubs my back and I close my eyes. I feel hands lifting me and I open my eyes slightly. "Whats going on," I mumble. "The boys are back," Calum says. I feel him walk up the stairs and lay me down under my sheets. "Thanks," I mumble rolling over. The sheet touches my bare skin and I hold Calum's hand. "See you later," I mumble rolling over. Calum laughs and kisses my forehead. "Sleep tight Ken," he laughs. I cuddle into my bed and close my eyes.

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