Simple Teen Life

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I woke up, I didnt know where I was, I just thought about what happened to me, I coulnd even remember until i though tof the day it all started, the first day of school, my mom and my dad told my sister and me that we were going to a boarding school, because my mom was going to work in a agency that travels around the world and my dad is an airplane pilot so my mom was taking care iof us until she had this new job and now I had to make friends in a school in San Francisco so it was kinda hard.

Of course for my sister it wasnt a big deal, she already had friends there but i didnt and i couldnt hang out with them because my sister is two years older than me and her friends hate me, when i arrived my mom told me to write her an e-mail each month, i was scared but i was going to my locker and as i walked i tripped with a girl,

-Hi, sorry, I'm new here i said

-It's ok, hey! Aren't you Maddison Scott?

-Umm yeah, how do you know?

-Because your name is in all my classes!

-Oh wow, but anyway, sorry, i gotta go to the room 173

-No way! That's my room! Let's go!

For some reason i was kind of exited that i could actually make a friend in the first day, we got to our room and she showed me everything, she was actually a nice person,

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