Everyone Deserves The Flames, But It's Such A Shame

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"Mom! Dad!" I yelled as I went into my house making my dad jump in his chair and look away from the TV to me with concern.

"What's wrong, Paige?!" My mom asked rushing into the living room.

"We have out first show lined up! We play with the biggest band In Chicago! And I was asked to prom!" I said blurting out all my excitement.

"When is prom?" My dad asked.

"A week before graduation. Can I go? Can I go? Pleaseeee!?" I begged.

"When do I get to meet this young man?" My dad asked making me ecstatic.

"His name is Patrick and you can meet him whenever you want."

"Dinner tomorrow At eight?" My mom asked.

"He should talk to his parents first." My dad said.

"Dad, he doesn't live with his parents, he's eighteen. He's not a kid and neither am I anymore."

"Oh, right." My dad said and looked kind of sad but he was being given this urging look by my mother and he cleared his throat.

"Your mother and I have Been talking and we understand you're not a kid anymore and you've done pretty well with the freedom we've given you so far. So from now on you don't need to check with us before you leave. And no more curfew either, we trust you." My dad said reluctantly. I knew that my mom had talked him into this and I was greatful.

"Really?! Thanks!" I said still in shock.

"Now how much are dresses going to be for prom?" My dad asked getting out his wallet.

"Dresses and shoes are pretty expensive, Bill." My mom said to my dad.

"Here's two hundred, just don't get a dress that shows too much." My dad warned and handed me the money.

"I wouldn't dare." I told my dad then thanked him.

"When's your concert, Paige?" My mom asked.

"It starts Saturday at five at the cliff." I told her.

"But you guys just started your band. Do you think you'll be ready in time?" My mom asked concerned.

"Were planning on going into overtime every day this week.

"That all seems like a lot of pressure with graduation, and applying for colleges, getting a job, your band, your boyfriend and now prom." My mom said still looking at me worriedly.

"All this planning and work is exciting!" I said cheerfully.

"Oh no, you're turning into your father." My mom groaned.

"That's my girl!" My dad cheered. I thanked him again and went upstairs and started on my homework until Patrick called.

"Hey!" I said answering the phone. "I'm glad you called. "I was wondering if after my practice tomorrow if you wanted to come have dinner at my house?" I asked him.

"Sure, what time?" He asked.

"Eight or so."

"That fits perfectly. I have to work after school until seven. Pete already found some of the items we need for the show Saturday."

"I seriously believe our band is going to do awesome at this show." I said with confidence.

"I believe in you guys after what I saw today, it was pretty amazing for your first practice. I don't know if this will make you feel more pressure or not, I hope it doesn't, but there's supposed to be more people coming to this show than the last one we played at the cliff." He said.

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