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Chase found himself pondering Nixi's words about meeting new people. "I don't understand why it is important to meet new people." The male leaned onto his elbow and narrowed his eyes. "What is so important about meeting new people?"

The pink Ixi blinked a couple of times. Confusion spread on her face as she thought about his question. "But isn't it important?"

"I wouldn't know. The only people I've met are you and the Library Faerie." The dark haired male finished the cupcake and then licked his fingers.

"But don't you want to meet new people? Don't you want to see the outside world?" Nixi frowned at him, confused as to why anyone would want to keep themselves holed up in this place.

"I've honestly never given it much thought." The boy stood up and walked over to a cart with books on it and began to put the books away. The click of hooves followed after him and he found himself looking down at her. "Shouldn't you be leaving?"

"I've always hated being alone. I wanted to be adopted for such a long time." The Ixi stayed despite what Chase had told her.

"If the Library Faerie catches you down here, we'll both be in trouble." The boy glanced down at her, frowning as he did so.

"Why?" Nixi spoke up, curiosity feeling her young eyes.

"Why is a good question." Upon hearing the older female voice, both of the young ones turned their heads towards her. "No one is supposed to know that he's here."

"Why not?" The pink Ixi continued to smile, while Chase reached up and scratched his head.

The boy opened his mouth to say something, but the Library Faerie spoke up first. "I don't need to answer this question." Glancing up, she looked straight towards the broken window, which the light was sliding down, finally to disappear. "Is that how she got in?"

The boy glanced at the ground, not moving or saying anything. A silence reigned through the basement while the Library Faerie crossed her arms across her chest, looking at the two with a stern gaze. However, the silence was broken when a loud booming sound was heard from above. As the noise came, a sudden shattering of glass came raining down upon their heads.

The female Faerie moved to cover the two, then glanced up with a worried look in her face. "This way."

"But..." Chase glanced upstairs, where he could hear a loud noise coming from.

"Come. Both of you." The female led the two over the to wall, and then traced a seal, muttering certain words as she did so. Suddenly, a door opened up and she shoved them inside. "Stay here. No, follow the path until its end."

"But what about you?" Chase frowned at the woman, and the Ixi nodded her head in agreement. However, the door moved shut, leaving them in the room in pitch blackness.

"How can we follow the path when there is no way to light our way." Nixi spoke up, her voice sounding upset about the whole thing. However, the question was answered when torches suddenly lit up the area. Around them were more shelves of books. Two bright eyes glanced up. "Maybe this is where they keep the books on the male Faerie?"

A loud booming sound was heard, and the place shook. The dark haired male scooped her up onto his back. "We don't have time for this. We have to get out of here."

"What about the Library Faerie?" The Ixi stated, looking back at the door with worry.

"I don't know how to get back out through that door." Chase glanced at the path, which went through some more shelves of books. He began to walk, with the pink Ixi on his back, until they came to a spot where the shelves stopped. There was a long tunnel leading to who knew where. Slowly though, he stepped forward.

"I was supposed to be back at the orphanage before night fell." Nixi commented as they continued along. Her head rested upon Chase's shoulder.

"Why?" The boy stated, continuing as he walked.

"Rose Madder is going to be worried about me." The Ixi stated, her voice sounding tired.

"Isn't her being worried justified though?"The boy continued along, the path becoming rough as if it hadn't been up kept.

"I thought Faerie Land was built in the clouds." The Nixi stated, confusion on her face.

"Faerieland has solid features to the buildings, that the clouds surround." The boy frowned suddenly. "I've always worried about what would happen if the magic clouds were to give out and we were to go plummeting to the ground. They walked along, the wood creaking under their steps.

Suddenly, the two heard a rumbling sound coming from behind them. Glancing back, Chase and Nixi's eyes widened as the saw the floor behind them suddenly falling out. At that, Chase suddenly took off, hurrying as fast as he could down the wooden tunnel.

"Why is the tunnel collapsing?" The Ixi's eyes suddenly widened in fright.

"It is either to prevent us from being followed, or it is to stop people from getting to the end destination." The male's voice came hard, as he found running to be a hard to do when one wasn't used to such a thing.

Eventually though, they came to a place with a door and Chase reached for the handle and turned it. As the door clicked open, Chase found himself stepping out into air, and then falling with Nixi still on his back. His eyes picked upthe strange colored stone as he fell, and the ground rushing towards him, the air leaving his lungs.

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