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A/N: So like i had to do this on my phone so the whole did looks like a big block. So sorry. My struggle is the realist at the moment just bare with me I'll fir other eventually. Fangirl's honor. Hope it doesn't suck too bad.

Austin's POV

"You slapped THE shit out of those girls. Holy shit! I can't believe it! You're so cute and dainty!" I couldn't believe that Laura and Naomi could cause so much mayhem. Actually, scratch that, I can believe it. Let's just say there's a reason why they're straight edge. But I've never seen them so rowdy while sober. Honestly it's so fucking amazing to experience. "Shut up, Austin! The bitches had it coming! If I wanted to I would fuck you up too!" Laura exclaims but she said the last part tauntingly, but I act as if I'm scared and coward away. "Gasp. You would never hurt little ol' me. Now would you?" I say, doing my best southern accent. "Just because you're in Georgia doesn't mean everyone talks like that Cali boy. How many years have you've known me and Naomi?? We're from here and we don't sound like that!" "Maybe not everybody, but it's pretty fucking close. And every now and then if you listen close, Naomi's accent slips and you can hear the south. SO my mocking is accurate!" I say slightly accomplished in myself. I know all southern people don't have that generic southern twang, but it's fun teasing Laura about it, so I shall continue. "Shut up, Austin! Fuck you!" Laura yells jokingly. "Anytime babe. Time and place." I punctuate it with a wink. I watched the biggest blush spread across Laura's face. It was the cutest thing ever. Even though she was only two years younger than me, the mention of sexual things causes her to be uncomfortable at times. It was adorable to say the least, honestly. She could be so innocent at times. Which made me wonder how she and Naomi were best friends because I swear that girl has zero filter. But I love her nonetheless. Anyway I just smirk at Laura and kiss her cheek sweetly trying to kiss the blush away. "So you wanna go see some of the other bands? Catch up with some old friends maybe?" I ask Laura whose blush was finally fading. "Yeah sure. PTV is off stage by now right?" Laura asks I thought about it. I had to check my watch. I knew that they were going on about five minutes into our set, so they should be done. So I nod my head and suggest we head over to their bus to go check if they are in there. I grab her hand and proceed towards the tour bus area. As I proceed through the sea of tour buses, I try to remember which on belongs to the tumblr proclaimed "sexicans". Then I saw from a distance a tour bus with a moustache and I knew without a doubt that was the one we were looking for. We walk over to the bus and I knock twice and we stand there and wait a second. I heard a little shuffling so I knew someone was coming. And who opens it is none other than Vic Fuentes himself. "OMG LAURA!!!" Vic exclaims and basically jumps out the bus. I don't know when, I don't know how, I don't know why, but Laura, Naomi, and the PTV guys are closer than the tattoos on my skin. The PTV guys are the reason why Laura was at Warped Tour the first time I met her. It's crazy really once you think about it. But I'm glad that Laura has good people that cares and looks after her. "VICKY! " Screams Laura as she is envelope in the tightest embrace I thought not possible for such tiny people. "How have you been Little Laura??? OMG No Naomi?!" He says with a slight pout. "I'm doing really well actually. And of course there's Naomi! She's just som where with Alan." "Ooooh have they tied the knot yet? They already act like a married couple. Might as well make it official." Vic says. We all laugh because it's so true. Laura responds, "No not quite, but something is happening. But where are the rest of the boys?!" "Oh they're in the bus. Come in! Come in! Oh and Hola Carlisle! Sorry for being rude. I just haven't seen your better half in like months." I giggled at the 'better half' comment. It was true so I just let it go. "Aw man. Don't worry about it. I totally understand. I felt the same way when I saw her earlier." I said as I kissed her hand. We walk on to the bus and see the remaining three boys Mike, Tony, Jaime. "Look who came a-knockin' guys" I walked in front of Laura shielding her a little so when I step aside it would have a big dramatic reveal and such. So once they look up they all go "Oh hey Carlisle!" I wave my hellos and move aside and they already have their heads back down doing whatever they were doing before we walked into the lounge. Then Laura steps from behind me and goes 'Geez, I not see my favorite people for a few months and they forget about me. What a shame. Isn't that a shame Victor?" "Big ass shame." Vic says with the biggest smile on his face when he sees his band mates heads snap up when they hear the feminine voice. In unison the three men cry out "LAURA-BOO!" they jump up and all they all share the cutest group hug I have ever seen. I just step aside and watch with a big smile on my face. Seeing Laura this happy makes me happy, because I know her struggle at times with depression. So whenever she's this happy it is the most precious moments for me. They all let go and Mike goes "No Naomi?" And Laura makes an exaggerated deep sigh and says "Can I go anywhere without Naomi?!" and we all look at her with the straightest faces and say "No." We all laugh and began to catch up on the good old days. Laura promises that she'll bring Naomi around to see them and that we will for sure be at the big warped band gathering at the venue once all the leave and the sun is bearable. Once we leave the PTV guys' bus we run into Sleeping with Sirens, watched a little of the Amity Affliction set, and on our way to our bus we joked about with Jack from All Time Low for a bit. Once we got to the bus we heard slight moaning coming from the back room. So me and Laura being the immature individuals we are, we went to investigate. As we creep back to the farthest room we try to not be heard. When I get to the door I open it just a crack to see Alan's lips pressed to Naomi's neck, with her back arched, and slight moans falling from her lips. My mouth instantly falls open as I quietly shut the door back. Laura looks at me with such curiosity that I would laugh at if I wasn't so shocked at the moment. She hits me trying to get me to give her some type of information. So I just mouth to her "Alan and Naomi" And soon she was a mirror image of my shock filled And soon she was a mirror image of my shock filled expression. Even though we all saw this coming and even though today is one of the warmest days in Atlanta, our backroom was the hottest location of the day.

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