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Hayes and I were getting ready for our dates.

"hey man, ready?" I asked Hayes.

"yea hold on!" he replied

We took my car to Ana's house. Its only been 10 days since she had move in but I've fallen so much in love with her no joke! We have hanged out a little bit. Hayes loves like loves Kayla and they will end up to be a perfect couple. I can see it

"do I look good for Kayla?" Hayes asked me I mentally rolled my eyes and let out a chuckle.

"yea why would you care yours eyes are all that they need." I replied with a laugh. His eyes are pure blue. You would look at them and see crystal clear blue like the ocean.

"Haha very funny." he said " no seriously do I look good?" he asked more seriously. I looked at him in a dumb look.

"yea sure its not like you're going to ask her out, yet." I said and Hayes had a big smile on his face.

"are you going to ask her out?" I asked surprise. Dam already Ana probably wouldn't be up for that yet. Her shyness makes me weak though. Her seeming like she doesn't want me makes me want to be more engaged with her. I will break her walls down. She has to be mine one day.

"Maybe! but please don't say anything it needs to be a secret until tonight." he said. I love happy Hayes.

"I won't, don't worry." i replied as we walked out the door and into my car.

Hayes has been living with me here in L.A since he keeps on visiting Nash why not just let him live with me right? But anyways Cam and Nash didn't have an extra room for Hayes to live with them so I asked him if he wanted to live with me since i needed a buddy to live with.

I was so excited for him to move in I was like speechless that day i was so excited and happy and Hayes is like my bro. Carter moved in 2 months later its been very fun to be honest.

"so where are you going to take Ana?" he asked

"well since shes only been here for 10 days im going to show her around and then take her to eat then the fair tonight." I said

"wow you really love her don't you?" he asked

"yea I mean every time when I see her my heart stops for a sec and then i just want her to be mine she will be tonight." I told Hayes. I started thinking. "Call me crazy but I think it's love at first sight. I've fallen hard for this girl Hayes." I let out a small smile.

"wow its not even been the first date and you already love her." Hayes said

"I know but don't tell me that you don't have feelings for Kayla because i see the way you look at her!" I told him proving him wrong.

"yea I know im going to ask her later when we are at the waterfall!" he said excitedly

"wait what are you guys going to do today?" I asked

"eat, walk, talk, go to the waterfall and then we can meet with you guys at the fair." Hayes said as we were pulling up to Ana's  door. We've been hanging out with Ana and Kayla enough that we actually remember where she lives. I knocked and Ana opened the door with a big smile, man I love her smile.

"Hi" she said staring at my eyes.

"Hi" I said staring back we were like this for a while.

"Well hi to you too" Hayes said and we laughed. Oh my gosh her laugh. She opened the door wider so we could walk in.

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