Chapter 34

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Taylor's POV

"So Mr.Caniff you can leave after you sign these papers. You are strong enough and it seems like you are healing fast so thats a really good sign. If you have any problems you can call or come in. For the next 3 months I would like you to come for check ups. Every 3 weeks or so. Heres the papers." The doctor said as he handed me the papers.

I signed the papers and handed them back to him. I can't wait to get put of this place.

"Thank you. You are free to go." I jumped out of my bed and grabbed my clothes.

I went to the little bathroom and changed back into my original clothes. It feels nice to be out of that gown.

I walked out of the bathroom and Shawn immediately attacked me with kisses.

"Shawn you are acting like you haven't seen me in years." I laughed.

"It feels like I haven't." He said hugging me.

I rested my head on top of his and hugged him back. Ive missed his hugs so much.

"Ready to leave this place?" I asked. He shook his head and we walked home hand in hand.

Matt's POV

"Kay so we have to find a venue and find our best mans and we have to pick out our tuxes and how many peo-" I was cut off by Carter kissing me.

"We have a lot of time to plan all that out calm down baby." He laughed.

"But we need to have all this planned!" I protested.

"And we can do that some other time." He told me.

"Ugh fine!" I surrendered.

"Should we tell my parents?" Carter asked me.

"Thats up to you baby." I said kissing him.

Sam's POV

After the mall day my feelings for Dillon have grown but I still feel like I don't have a chance. I don't even think he's gay.

I held my phone in my hand as I was laying in bed hoping he would text me. He's the only person I want to talk to right now. I sound like a girl waiting for her crush to text her god.

After waiting for like 3 hours I gave up on having him text me. I put my phone on my dresser and went to take a shower. 😉

I took my shower and went straight to bed with only one person on my mind. Dillon.

Dillon's POV

I think i'm starting to get feelings for Sam but i'm still not sure. Like I find him extremely attractive and all that but I just don't know yet. I haven't texted him or anything since we bumped into each other at the mall only because I am trying to figure my feelings out.

I was going to spend today thinking about everything and then maybe asking him to hang out so I could figure my feelings out a little bit more.

I wonder how Taylor is doing. I should call him and find out.

I waited a little bit but there was no answer. Must be busy with Shawn. I left him a voicemail.

"Hey Tay how have you been doing? I heard you were in a car accident and thought I should check and see how you turned out. Call me back as soon as you can. I want to talk to you about something important. Hope you and Shawny boo are doing good. Bye!" I left the voicemail and hung up the phone. Maybe Taylor could help me out with this hole Sammy thing.


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