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Heart to Heart Interview With DEMI LOVATO (Part One)

Lumabas na kayo mga LOVATICS! By the way totoo po to 😄 hindi naman po na sa ako ang nag interview sakanya 😂😂 Nabasa ko po to sa isang magazine 😘

Q: How does it feel to be in Manila ?
A: " It feels really , really great ! It's kind of crazy that you don't really realize how far away from home you are until you fly so far and then talk to your family back home - the time difference is so crazy ! "

Q: Back when you were just starting your career , " Fake it till you make it " was a mantra you claimed to follow . Is there a new mantra you lived by these days ?
A: " Fake it till you make it " was a mantra that helped when I was trying to focus on working hard . I think my mantra nowadays is " Live everyday like it's your last " I'm just trying to make the best of everything .

Q: Your sound has evolved from pop to urban over the course of your first three albums . What direction are you taking for your newest self-titled release ?
A: " It will kind of just be a combination of everything I've done before and stuff that I'm listening to now . You really just have to listen to hear it for yourself . It's pop , but different genres of music such as rock and dance . Most of all , it's me . And that's the best way I can describe it . "

Q: Among all the songs you've done , which has the most meaning to you and why ?
A: " There's a song called " Warrior " that means a lot to me and I put a lot of my personal experiences into it . My heart is really near and dear to it . It'll be on my new album and I'm opening up a lot on it ."

Q: What do you do to look fresh the entire day ?
A: " I really , really pay a lot of Attention to my skin . I'm constantly putting on special creams and I have a whole beauty regimen that I do daily . I also get a facial once every three months and I drink a lot of water . "

Q: Whats the best beauty tip you've ever received ?
A: " The best thing I ever did for myself was switch from glasses to contacts . That helped boost my transition from being awkward to confident . "

Q: Can you describe your sense of style ?
A: " I just like to wear clothes that I feel comfortable in . Items that are casual but you can add your own spin to . I like different things - like the boots and hats . "

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