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1. Immerse Yourself In Different Forms Of Media

- Watch TV and get ideas from your favorite characters' puns . Learn about timing from stand-up comedians . Check out blogs to be updated . Read books and magazines to widen your vocabulary . All these are possible sources of humorous quips . Just be sure that all of them are kid-friendly .

2. Be Confident

- Believe that you're naturally funny and that you have the ability to make everyone laugh ! People can sense if you're unsure about the jokes you're about to make . Even if they don't mean to show it , the skepticism you see on their faces might make you falter mid-joke . But be careful not to be overconfident your audience might get turned off .

3. Be Quick

- This applies to making a witty retort and cracking a joke . Make quick comeback before everyone moves on to another topic . Avoid making long winded jokes . It will only bore your potential bestie and she might even beat you to the punch line .

4. Practice

- Get all of your facial expressions , gestures , and comedic timing down pat . This is the only way you can master delivering punch lines . Rehearse regularly and you'll have people cracking up in no time .

5. Laugh

- It's super infectious ! Giggles can spread like wildfire even if the jokes have been said and heard many times . The sound and sincerity of a belly laugh makes it a pretty big hit among friends . Just remember to laugh at yourself and never at the expense of others .

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