Night Five

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Twelve AM.

I'm kicking it into overdrive tonight. I'm going to be faster, I'm going to be more aggressive, and I'm not going to let the others get in my way. If Bonnie or Freddy try to get in my way, I'm going to show them what being a true pirate is all about. That guard is going to be in Pirate Cove by the time 6 AM comes, even if it means I ruin Foxy's body even further. He's just a robot, he'll understand. It won't be easy - the stage is practically crackling with spiritual energy. Or at least, it was, before they all left. They're stepping their game up too. I think this is going to be a long, long night..

One AM. 

I can hear the Bear laughing as he makes his way to the security office, prowling in the darkness with nothing but his beady, night-vision eyes to reveal himself. He'll be lurking outside the door any minute now, and unless I get there first, our guard is as good as dead. Freddy is quick. He doesn't linger. He knows exactly what he wants, and he's going to get it if he gets the chance. Unless our guard is better than him, he's going to be inside a suit tonight unless I get THERE FIRST. 

Two AM.

The camera is being extra aggressive tonight, but I won't let that stop me. Bonnie is currently standing right outside the doorway, and I don't feel like getting into another fight with him right this second. But the moment he leaves, I'm going to make a break for it. I've been seeing that yellow Freddy again, blinking in an out of my vision. It worries me, especially since I'm watching so closely for the Bear, but it seems harmless, if it's even real and not Foxy's eyes glitching out. Is that a thing that can happen? I don't even know. I hope not. 

Three AM. 

Bonnie's gone. The camera's off. It's time. I push Foxy's body to the limit, tearing down the hallway, metal feet hammering against the checkered floors, yellow eyes lighting up the dark, hook screeching against the wall as I run. I turn the corner, just to have the door slam on me. I pound on it desperately, screeching with my damaged speaker, trying to communicate with him, beg him to open. It didn't work. The door is shut. It's going to stay shut. But I won't give up that easily. I need to return to Cove and get ready for my second attempt.

Four AM.

I don't bother running back to Pirate's Cove. I walk. I walk the walk of a misunderstood robot who's attempts at trying to save people have failed, so far at least. I consider the possibility that Bonnie could come at me any moment, but whatever. I could take that big dumb purple rabbit. I leave the hallway and turn to go back behind the curtain, but then.. oh no.. ohhh nonono.. that brown suit.. that tophat..  those pinpoint glowing eyes staring at me from in front of the out-of-order sign..

"What did I tell you about interfering, FOX?"

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