chapter 11: Dead!

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authors note: yes I'm back, just in case you didn't know haha, hope you enjoy this chapter :)

Yasmin's P.O.V

Yasmin:"what the hell Is he doing here?!"

Gerard:"easy sugar."

he says as he holds me in his arms trying to calm me down.

Johnny:"do you guys know if she's ok?"

zoë:"we just got here besides I don't even know why you're here if you guys broke up."

Miriam:"I know, Yasmin said you left her."

Johnny:"that's not true! I love her! I would never leave her or hurt her!"

Evita:"uh...who are you?"

Johnny:" Yasmin's boyfriend."

Yasmin:"excuse me? you mean EX- boyfriend!"

Evita:"how come she never mentioned you?"

zoë:"because he dumped her and I have no idea why."

Johnny:"I ended it with her because I was afraid to hurt her.."

Yasmin:"what?! you're such a liar! zoë don't listen to him!"

zoë:"how do I know you're not lying?"

Johnny:"I was gonna offer her this."

he says as he pulls out a diamond ring from his pocket. everyone gasped except for me and Gee. zoë and Miriam started jumping for joy while everyone else congratulated him.

Yasmin:"no, no, no this is all wrong! they're supposed to hate him not congratulate him!"

Gerard:"Yasmin it's ok, you can always say no to him and explain everything to your friends later on."

he says as I fell to the floor and started to sob while he held me in his arms. few hours later, visiting time was now over so everyone left. me and Gerard were sitting on the floor while he leaned against the wall and I rested my head against his chest. I sure am gonna miss this. we started dozing off to sleep until we hear the door open slowly letting a crack of light go in. I lift up my head and stood up as Gerard did the same. it was Johnny; he locked the door behind him and walked over to my body as he laughed and started dialing a number on his phone.

Johnny:"hey man!...yea I'm here...she's in a fucking coma...I know man!...she's on the 8th floor...alright man...yea...mhm...mkay...first me then you...ok see you dude!"

he says and hangs up while he puts his phone in his back pocket.

Johnny:"now where were we sweet heart?"

oh no. oh god no. I turn to look at Gerard who looks like he's gonna throw a punch any time soon but wouldn't be able to. Johnny started kissing my neck as he put his hand on my thigh. Gerard started getting more angry so he walked over to Johnny and put his hand on his shoulder. to my surprise, Johnny turned around feeling Gerard's touch and then gets a punch in the face as he falls to the ground.

Yasmin:"how did you do that?!"

Johnny:"who's there?!!"

he says as he touches his nose which was bleeding like crazy. Gerard got more angry and threw another punch making Johnny start to gag blood. Gerard stopped hitting him and walked over to me as he hugged me tightly. I started crying on his shoulder as I watched Johnny. he stopped gagging and took something out of his pocket. a syringe.


Gerard turned around as Johnny lift his arm to stick the needle in me but Gee rushed over to him and pulled him by the back of his shirt and threw him against the wall making items break. we hear footsteps rush over to the room as the door opened widely revealing a doctor, two nurses and the policemen.

doctor:"what is going on here?!?!"

he says as two policemen grab Johnny by his arms while the other one picked up the syringe from his hands.

policemen:"son why do you have this?"

Johnny:"she t-tried to k-kill me sir."

doctor:"that's impossible! she's in a coma!"

policemen:"what are you doing here in the first place?"

Johnny:"I thought I left something here from my last visit."

I was so scared that it felt like my heart was gonna burst out my chest as I felt it pump. as it started to pump, the heart monitor started to beep as the line on the machine went straight. the doctor ran over to my body as the nurses used a black machine and tried bringing me back to life.

Gerard:"Yasmin it's ok! breathe in and out, the more scared you are, the highest chance you have of dying."

I did what he told me to do as he held me in his arms, and finally, I was back to life.

doctor:"thank god, that was so close! I want you out! I don't want you near our patient!"

he said as the policemen dragged him out of the room. I can't wait until I'm back.

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