Chapter 6

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"How is it you got to see him that was pretty cool, was it an awesome moment?" Alexa asked me."Well not what I had expected," I answered. 

"Why not tell me what happened, you know I can always talk with James. Only that it is pretty hard with all the fooling around he does.'

"Well someone seems to know him pretty well...And what happened is as you know I was with Lewis so after he noticed James was starring at me, he got ad for no reason, during the car ride home he was leaning towards me but then ends up he just wanted his phone which I didn't see if he got it or not."

"You dumb dumb Lewis got jealous, lucky you right first had no one liking or crushing on her and now has two more than perfect guys after her."

"I don't believe so, either way if they did..." Alexa cuts me off usual.

"Either way what is your brain not working or something, and you are usually the top student in school."

"Ugh! And if they do how will I deal with it, my best friend always there or a guy I barely talk to, ooh well I will figure out later, now help me get set and ready to roll."

"No not to roll you will mess up your awesome look that I will do now." We both end laughing she starts by doing all those things normal girls do straighten y hair when it is already straight enough. After a couple minutes that felt like years we were done. I look myself in the mirror. Dayumm, this is not me."Alexa!!!!!!What magic potion did you use, I look pretty." "I did magic!" 

"I noticed that" I said while laughing. Well now I'm done with getting ready. I still have the same outfit as I did before and Alexa did some magic to my hair she made it look better then it is usually, and my makeup I'm speechless.  She did a great job. Well here I to try and find James.

James Pov:

I hope to see that girl, I shall know her name at least. Okay, I need to look my best even though I might not see her. First, time I ever do this. If the guys find out I'm doing this they will make fun of me and be shocked. They are already shocked enough of me not banging any of the girls who are falling for me. I'm not that type of guy even though I have to admit some girls are cute and fun, like Alexa. I wonder if this girl is just as awesome or better. I liked girls before or guess i did but with this one is something different about her something other girls don't have and should get. Well probably Alexa knows her. Alexa knows everyone. I should ask her....dailing her number. "hey!" "Hey Alexa I need some of your populatrity skills.

"For what, you are one of the most popuar guys in school"

" know but this one girl I don't know who she is but I have seen her around and not knowing who she is getting me mad"

" Aww the bro is crushing, well how does she look like"

"Well amazing. I can't describe her with words saw her yesterday at a piercing shop I smiled at her and she got out with some other guy. I hope they are not dating."

"I think I know who you are talking about, see you the movie theater in a bit don't ask just go."


Author's note: so long since i update sorry high schol is a lot of work. Hope i am able to update soon sorry this chapter is so short but as i said i barely have time to myself . So what do you guys think about this so far. I f uwant things changed or any concerns please let me know and I LOVE you all!!!!!!!!!

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