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1. Inspiration

" My dad is a famous radio personality who's known for fearless commentaries in our region , but in spite of that he still lives a simple life . He always reads the bible and inspires me to do good things the way he does . He is also my number one hero . "

- Alexis

2. Trainer

" Every Saturday , my dad and i make it a point to go to UP Diliman to jog . Even if it's tiring and it means waking up early on the weekend . I still enjoy jogging because I get to spend time and bond with my dad . Aside from being my jogging trainer , my dad is also my math trainer . He works in a bank so he makes it a point to help me with my math assignments "

- Reine

3. Teacher

" My dad is a collage professor but he makes sure that I am his number one student . He helps me study all of my subjects even when he's busy and makes sure that he has time for his family . I could say that the best lesson he has taught me was to face my fears - I recently lost my grandpa whom I was very close to and that loss made me love and appreciate my father more "

- Jewel

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