Different Forms of Punishment

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"Pitch, stop this. Please," his voice begged.

I turned around, shocked at hearing my name. Shame rushed over me as I looked into his pleading eyes. The eyes that were once filled with the bright night that had held stars now held a dark black hole of agony and pain. I couldn't help but feel guilt and regret as I looked into those eyes, as I looked into Manny's eyes.

I bowed my head in shame, not wanting to look at him. I sighed, feeling the weight of the world crashing on top of me.

"I'm sorry Manny. I won't, I made a deal, she might be the thing that brings me utter happiness."

"Pitch...what are you trying to gain by doing this? What do you-"

"I want to feel like I belong!" I shouted as my black bangs covered my blazing golden eyes. I heard the shuffling of Manny's feet as he jumped back, startled. I continued to rage.

"I...don't...belong! I just want to feel like I belong somewhere! That I'm not an outcast, I remember...I remembered how they all treated me. North, Bunny, Sandy, Tooth, the whole council, they treated me like a monster. Just because I was the guardian of nightmares, of screams, of pain, just because I am what I am...they labeled me "Monster" "Nuisance" "Outcast" "Criminal". I remember, the chains that they had put on me, as I was hung in that dark...dreary... dead...room with no escape. I remember the screams they had made me listen to, the groans and sounds of people dying in pain, I remember. You...Manny...even you, turned your back to me, as you walked away...not stopping my torture."

"Pitch...there was nothing I could do. Even though I am part of the council, the rest vote against me. Except...one did vote with me. One did vote for your freedom instead of your torture."

My head snapped up as I heard "Except...one did vote with me," a guardian, besides Manny, voted for my freedom.

"Who?" I asked.


My eyes widen as I looked down shocked. Saraphine, she......she voted for my freedom, she-

"Pitch," Manny said snapping me out of my thinking. I looked at him as he looked upon me with a sorrowful look.

"Pitch," he continued. "Pitch I'm sorry that we were so blind. But you do belong, you are a guardian-"

"I'm not a guardian, not in their eyes! I'm a monster!" I said cutting him off and Manny began to walk to me.

"Pitch, you are a guardian. You do belong with-"

"Look at me Manny!" I yelled as my eyes blazed, burning a vibrant yellow.

"Black hair, golden yellow eyes, there's no wonder they think I'm a monster. I'm a bloody demon for crying out loud!"

"You are not a demon," Manny said in a stern tone as he stalked towards me.


"You are not evil." He was 10 feet away.

"You are not a nuisance," 5 feet.

"You...are not a monster." He stopped, his feet only inches from my own. I stayed quiet as he's sharp unwavering eyes glared at me.

"I pick every guardian for a reason, I didn't pick you to become a monster. You have a reason, just like everyone else. A reason you must find on your own time, that is when you'll understand why you were chosen."

Then he placed his left hand behind my neck and pulled me forward so he could whisper in my ear, placing my forehead on his shoulder.

"If you go through this, if you do this plan..." he whispered in my ear.

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