Chapter 22

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Trevor's POV

I woke up in Tyler's arms he was still sleeping and being the good boyfriend I am I did not wake him up knowing that he would probably cranky in the morning I got up trying not to wake Tyler and I walked into his bathroom and trend on the tap I had it warm I held my hands under the water making a bowl shape when my hands where full of water I splashed my face I trend off the tap off and dryers my face on the towel behind me

"G'morning" said Tyler

I looked up at the door I jumped as I seen Tyler's figure in the door way

" Oh my god Tyler don't scare me like that" I said

"Sorry HA you should of seen your face" he said laughing

" Ok ok just an we plese get somthing to eat is starving" I said

" Ok fine do you wanna go out of food?" he asked

"Ok,but where?" I asks

" I have the perfect place" said Tyler

" Ok well can you get ready now because I have to go back to the house and get ready" I said

" Ok give me acupple minutes" he said terning arownd and walking into his bedroom grabbing something to ware I walked out of the bathroom knowing Tyler's going to want to he changed I walks over to his bed and sat down and opening twitter on my phone Tyler walked into the bathroom and shut the door after about 10 minutes he came out with his hair all done and everything

" There ok I'm ready" he said

We walked to his door he grabbed his keys and we walked out to his car and head over to the o2l house

A/N ok I'm really tired so ya here is a chapter it's not much but the next one is going I have a lot of drama so ya

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