Chapter 7

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The next day passes quickly. Gloomy and sad, people walk down the halls, some with tears coming down their face.

Then there's me. No expression, no feelings whatsoever. Just taking I'm the place I called home one last day.

The day we leave, we are told what we must do, not do, and watch for. He openes a door that leads to a long hall, leading to another door, leading to another door that leads to stairs that lead to another door. I am the first one in line. When my hand lies in the doorknob, I take a deep breath, smelling the last bit of underground.

I open it and rush out. A Gush of fresh air hits me. It smells.. clean. It smells like vanilla and strawberries.

I run out and admire te wilderness. Down under, we took a field trip to the gardening facility, but what was JN there was no where near as extraordinary as this.

I wander around as everyone... Rises from the earth. Heh heh. See what I did there?

The commander orders us to camp, which is a few miles away. I'm holding an assault rifle, which is actually really heavy, but feels comfortable in my hand. And with my training, I can shoot pretty good.

We jog a few miles, and I breath the fresh air. Why did we leave? Couldn't we just have a tiny part of up above?

I close my eyes for just a second and imagine what it would e like. Children playing hide and seek in the woods, parents having a breakfast meeting while they play.

The lumen attacking us.

I shiver. Of course. The lumen. Why are they after us? What did we do? They couldn't have found out about camp, which we are barely arriving in. It's deeply hidden.

A middle aged women jogs up to us. Her hair is a dark brown which is cut off at her ears. Her big brown eyes are serious, very officer like. Her skin is a lovely mocha color, but she has scratches all over then.

"Commander Croek, we've captured one." She tells him.

He nods.

"These are the recruits. We are going to show him to them, and see if they can interrogate him." He grunts.

He tells us to put up our tents and things into it,

The camp is HUGE! There is a wooden spiked wall surrounding it, and many soldiers guarding it.

There are tents on one side, a training area on another, and a tiny dining area in the corner. The dining area has a trot with.. Mush in it.

Trey sets up the tent and I organize the inside. I slide my locket over my neck and tuck it in my shirt.

We go to a small metal house. As soon as we enter, a smell of rotten flesh hits me. There are people in dirty lab coats around what seems to be a steel metal cage.

Then I see it

A nasty thing. It's naked body is colored with.. Blue, green, gray and brown. Gross! It has no nose and it's eyes are...

A bright blue. Beautiful. It sparkles in every way possible. Like, a sapphire.

It has razor sharp teeth, which it is.... Using...... To....

"CRAP!" Trey yells.

The Lumen bit threw the steel! It runs through the crowd, people falling over.

The soldiers try to shoot it, but the bullets bounce of of him.

I do the only thing that comes to mind. I tackle him.

Ok, I admit. That was stupid.

I flip him over and put him in a chokehold. Everyone is screaming, and I feel Trey trying to pull me off, but I won't let go. The thing screams a horrible pitched scream. It almost shatters my eardrums, and everyone else covers their ears, but I keep a hold of him.

Then, the dumb thing sinks it's razor sharp teeth into me.

This time, I'm the one who screams. I feel some blood rush out of me, and I feel something replace it. It burns.

Finally, Trey pulls me off. My arm is throbbing, but I don't think anyone saw he bit me, so I pull down my sleeve. I don't need anyone experimenting on me.

The Lumen runs out at an incredible speed, muttering things in a weird language no one understands.

"Why did you let him go?! Now the lumen knows where our camp is! Idiot!" The commander yells at me after a few seconds of silence.

I start to open my mouth, but Trey beats me to it.

"You're the idiot! Your men tried to shoot him, but he wasn't dying! She was smart enough to tackle him, but none of your men rushed to help!! She held him as long as she could, but he was stronger! Its not her fucking fault!"

Everyone just stares at him. We aren't supposed to talk back, but I love him for it.

The commander yells at us for a few more minutes, and we decide not to move the entire camp. My arm is still throbbing, but not as much.

That night, the girl with blue eyes fill my dreams.

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