❥ 66: weddιng dreѕѕ

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Well I've waited for a century to write this...

dedicated to @nini2106




You see brother, we never left.



A few weeks later....

2 hours before the wedding:

The long wait has finally come into an end.

Three of the men who suited up early were sitting at the bench, a champagne glass on one hand. They were wearing black suits--a handpicked cherry blossom on their breastpocket and a class A necktie. They were hanging low just behind the Konohagakure church with equal stolid look on their faces.

"You cannot believe how this thing is happening," said the boy with waist-length hair.

"What thing?" the boy with painted red cheeks asked. He was resting both of his arms at the top of the chair while he was staring up to the sky.

Sai tilted his head and smiled. "Sometimes marriage is not about love; it's about commitment."

Neji tsked. "What do you suppose love is for, if not to be with the person you wanted to be with in an eternity. I wouldn't think it is what the bride wants."

"But you're marrying your best friend. There's always a reason behind that." Kiba blurted out.

"Says the boy who slept with my sister."

"She is your cousin!!"

Sai just brought out his sketchpad and began to look at the pages. There was a rumor a prophecy was made that he could paint the future, while Ino could envision them in her sleep.

He sighed looking straightforwardly at the colors. Now that they've ended up things with each other, they somehow broke a connection and immediately he stopped drawing meaningless nameless pictures.

There were images of Konoha set in peril, a horde of deadly Akatsuki members in red and black cloaks as well as pairs of lovely, beautiful couples. He painted these last year, and he was wondering what kind of invention would Sakura would have loved as a wedding present. Neji and TenTen holding lanterns, Shikamaru and Temari who were cloudgazing, Sasuke holding Sakura's hand among the constellated skies--Naruto waiting for Hinata at the balcony.

"It was an accident, what part of that statement couldn't you possibly get, Hiashi??"

"I will repeat this again: I am not like my uncle."

"Well you sort of look like him and he's dead so either way you're getting there if you don't stop mentioning your sister's name in front of me." He said crossing his arms. "Cousin." He corrected himself. "Kami, why do I have to say that?"

"Sai," said Kakashi who appeared out of the nowhere, "the bride wishes to see you."

Neji and Kiba have opened their mouths to detest, only when they have looked at each other and ressumed bickering. Sai stood up and closed his art book. Later he opened the door to see Sakura turning around, all stunning and beautiful, eyes filled with optimism and consternation.

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