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Three Fail Proof Ways To Deal With New Situations :)


- Whenever in the classroom (asking about what kind of folder you need for submitting your first subject) In the club (asking about how often the members meet) or in a new barkada (asking what everyone did over the summer),curiosity is a good thing and shows people you're interested and willing to be involved.Plus,everyone else may assume you do too. The only way for you to get on track is to ask


- Keep your eyes open for new info that can help you figure out how things work in your new environment. Where do kids hang out after school? Do the girls you want to be pals with with bring there baon or buy lunch at the canteen? Does coming early to class earn you extra points with your strict teacher? There's a lot you can learn when you don't timidly walk through the halls with your head down


- There are some things you can only learn hands on,through actually trying things and making mistakes . Don't just be a observer - join in. The more school activities you become a part of,the more you'll become part of the school,and the less you'll feel like an outsider

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