Bumi at Tea

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Bumi sat cross-legged at a small table that was set up for five people all together. However, the aged kind was the only person sitting at the table that was living. All of the rest were different kinds of stuffed animals. They were arranged a certain way and could in no way have had any interest in what the man was saying.

The stuffed animals were ordered very carefully, their exact meaning behind them evident from what they were and where they were positioned. Also, identifying what they meant was a tea cup that was positioned in front of each of them, something Bumi had commissioned for each stuffed animals a long time ago.

To his right was a Badgermole stuffed animal that's eyes glowed with what Bumi considered mischievous. To the right of that was a white dragon, uncolored because there were so many different colors for dragons. Its cup was decorated with red inlay. To the right of the dragon was a very fluffy thin… only a select few could remember that this was a Flying Bison. This stuffed animal's cup was a plain yellow cup, except it was also a trick tea cup too. To the right of this was a sea turtle with a nice blue and white china tea cup.

Bumi sipped his tea very careful. He then turned to the sea turtle. "No… you can't have anymore tea. I don't even know you and you are rather a priss… or so I pictured you to be. Well, aren't you? Sis told me your name, but I didn't bother to remember it… nope."

Bumi then turned to the dragon and Badgermole. "Kuzon how long until you ask my sister to marry you?"

The old kind hadn't been serious and had been teasing the two stuffed animals, but he still tipped his ear to hear their make believe response, chuckling as he did so. "Ahh… you're both turning red. Oh… you don't get it Aang?"

The old king then turned to the fluffy thing. "Perhaps you need to wait a couple of months… I'm sure it will come soon… the understanding of liking a girl. Oh… what is that sis… don't tell Aang that he is the first circle of the Avatars. A bit late for that as you're frozen in your bed chamber, which I took the precautions to seal off… no one remembers where you are… hee hee…"

He suddenly sat up straighter. "Ohh… do I remember where that is?"

There was a sudden tap on the door and Bumi turned his head cocky many to the door. "What is it?"

A person opened the door, shuddering as he watched the king. "You're wanted in Omashu's Earth Temple… a package has arrived from an Earth Kingdom Temple in the Fire Nation territory."

"I see… I was expecting it to come sooner or later," Bumi moved out of the room with great speed.


Iroh was trying his best not to get angry with his nephew. No, angry was not the right word for it. More like, overly frustrated. It took a lot of trying, Iroh's patience, but Zuko had just reached his sixteenth birthday around a month ago… and the boy had yet to truly master Fire Bending.

The old man had planned on telling Zuko about the truth then, but due to prudence, he decided that it as best not to. On top of not mastering Fire Bending, the boy was showing signs of moving onto the Air Bending part of his training, much to Iroh's dismay. He had been able to explain away the little oddities that happened around the ship, but the crew kept growing more and more suspicious.

It did not help that Ozai pushed on Azula's genius ability while hindering Zuko's growth as a child. He always lectured and belittled the boy in ways that made the boy have very low self-esteem. Iroh finally decided to speak up, closing his eyes as he did so. "Zuko… I believe that it is time to stop for today."

"I feel fine Uncle Iroh," came Zuko's reply.

"More like frustrated about the fact that you're not getting this… so much so you'll push me until I die… again,"

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