5: you like me

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You had to wake up early just to make the damn bento. First... tamago. You fried it. Than while waiting for it, you washed the rice and put it in the rice cooker.

The egg was done and you took it out. Than you placed the egg on the rice that cooked later on. You put it in the box.

Hmm... looks... empty. Just egg... you just was annoyed with it so you put it fried sausages and some fried veggies.

You took a smell of the bento and than looked at it. Yup I'm happy. Than you looked at your own bento box...

Damn it. You forgot about your own. And damn it... you need to get out of the house. You passed by the convenient store and decided to walk in.

You had to buy your favorite apple juice. That was when you saw packed bentos. You were elated. Ahahaha... I know what to do.

You put in the packed bento into the red box which is yours and smiled with an evil intention.

You slide the door open and you placed the bento he wanted onto the table.

Hibari: have tamago?

You: take a look.

He opened it and did see the tamago he requested. Than he snatched your bag over.

You: hey!!

He opened it and took out the blue bento. ' I want this one.' He just opened it and started eating it.

You tried to snatch it back but he just wouldn't give it back. He placed it over his head while munching in his mouth.

You: that's mine!!!

Hibari: no. It's mine. That bento on the table, its convenient store food.

You: damn it... how did you know?

Hibari:I eat lot of those.

You: whatever. My favor is returned. Goodbye. Sayonara. Eien ni. (Forever)

This was when he wrap one of his arms around your neck to stop you from leaving. You blushed a little and well as a little shocked.

' what....!!' You said softly and with a little of cuteness in the tone.

Hibari: everyday. Like this. But not the same kind for the whole week.

You turned around angry but than realised he was this close to your face... really... close... your cheeks flushed red and even hotter. You push him away quickly.

That was when you notice a smirk on his face .

You: what!!!

Hibari: nothing.

Than he walked a few steps and he was so close to in front of you again. You retreated in your steps which he advanced forward. Than... your back was against the wall.

Shit... you put your hands on his chest in attempt to push him away but he was much stronger. And you... were much weaker. He forcefully closed the gap between you both.

Hibari: you are blushing. You are not afraid of me. You like me don't you?

You: don't say nonsense!!! I don't like you!!!

You were very angry at such an arrogant sentence. You tried with all your strength and he would only budge a little. He than retreated backwards amd away. He had that smirk again.

You: stop... peeking on me. Its uncomfortable.

You walked out of the room angrily. You slammed the sliding door as you walked out.

Who was he to be so arrogant and proud?!! Who was he to pretend he knew all about you?!! Who was he to think he was right?!!

You were very angry as you flashbacked to what happened. Suddenly you felt your heart race doki doki. You placed your hand at your heart.

What is wrong with you today?

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