The Other Side

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Cassandra:Sit still Imani

Imani:Mother she punched my nose and knocked my teeth out. I will never sit still!!

Cassandra:You must be yelling at someone else cause im your mother.

Imani:One who sucks

Screech what she say. And her mom let her say that? If it was me I would have gotten an ass beating. On with the story.

Cassandra sighs

Imani's best friend Diana Robertson burst into her room.

Diana:What happened!?!

Imani:Some Latina punched me in the nose.

Diana:What did you do?


Imani's POV

Actually I insulted her because she said something rude in Spanish and I know it why else would that nerd laugh. Ugh they will pay and I will personally make sure of that.

POV Over

Diana:Well there has to be a reason why some girl would attack you.

Imani:She was just jealous okay!?

Diana:Fine. I just came to cheer you up but obviously you'd rather be alone.

Imani:DD oh of course you can help me cheer up.

Diana:But I...

Imani:That's not important right now. Now we get revenge. She will pay and suffer. If my name isn't Imani Avery Nook.

Diana sighs

Diana's POV

How did we end up friends?

POV Over

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