4:very wrong

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Yamamoto: so... I've heard. You are with hibari-san now?

You: no!!!


You: he just makes me make this deal with me.

Kyoko: eh... what deal?

You: just some weird deal.

Haru: that's why he's always looking for you from far?

You: I don't know!!! Feels so... pervert!!

Kusakabe : ahem. Hibari-san has called for you.

You: I'm not going.

Kusakabe: Hibari-san said gomen.

You felt a heavy hit to your head and you black out. The last thing you heard while blacking out is... takeshi shouting at kusakabe.

You opened your eyes once again and felt the cool feeling on your back. You sat up and realised you're on the tables. Again. Like last night.

You realized you're in an empty room with the usual classroom furniture. You don't understand and heads toward the exit.

*click click* it doesn't open.

Than a voice spoke. You know this voice and you got pissed.

Hibari: you're not going anyway.

You: I'll jump the window.

Hibari: you won't dare.

You: you want to try me?

Hibari: go ahead.

From the voice you could tell he was just outside the door. 'Let me out!!!!' You banged onto the door.

Hibari: I said come.

You: I didn't say yes!!! to whatever...

Hibari: you dare say no?

You: no!!! No!!!no !!! Let me out!!!

Hibari: than stay in there until you say yes.

You: why me... you can choose other people...

You knew you can't kick the door down and you gave in.  You didn't want to stay inside the classroom.

Plus...you thought that maybe its not much that he wants from me anyway. So you just gave in.

The door opened and you walked out pass him. He grabbed your arm. ' I want a bento. Homemade. '

You: fine.

You try to take his hand off your arm and he did let go. 'Tamago.' (Egg) he said before letting go.

You: tsk. Demands.

Just a bento. Not much. Whatever... get this over with...But who knew... you were very wrong... he wasn't as easy to please.

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