Love, Friendship and Dreams

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"Wow its nice to be back home." I said looking around. I had my arm in a sling. "I hated staying in a bed all day."

"Well your going to need to stay in bed a little longer. Gabby said

"You can't go on runs or go to the gym so don't try slipping out at 5 in the morning." Kate said.
"Okay that was one time and I was a spraned arm it wasn't like I was shot like I was the other day!"
"We know you all to well tay don't think about sneaking out with out us or the guys." Alyssa said.
"Okay okay well I'm going to bed I'm tired. I wasn't able to sleep well at night with all the yelling and heart monitors going off." I said.
I went to my room and carefully changed out of my cloths into my pjs. I took out my contacts and wore my glasses. when I was done Zayn texted me.
Zayn- You okay love?
Me- Yes I'm going to bed early so I will call you in the morning. Love.
Zayn- Love
I put my phone on my side table and fell a sleep.
(Hours later)
I woke up at 4:30 and changed into my running cloths and tip toed to the front door. I opended it to see Zayn standing there.
"And where do you think your going my dear?"
"Oh I was going to pick up my madison from the farmisee." I lied. I hate lying to him but I have to run.
"At 4:30 in the morning?"
"I couldn't sleep."
"Why are you lieing to me Taylor."
"What are you talking about?"
Zayn then pulled out his phone and showed me a group text that Gabby and Alyssa sent out to all the boys. "Dam it."
"I new you would be restless with the Paine in your arm so I picked up your medison." He said holding up the small bag.
"I hate how you all know me so well." "Well it's my turn to keep a eye on you." He walked it to the apartment then gave me a kiss.
"You need to stop lying to me." He said disappointed.
"I'm sorry. I just want to get out and feel free."
"I know but you need to heal your not superman." He said.
"I know because if I was I wouldn't have had a built in me. But your right I'm sorry "
"Okay off to bed now." He said putting his hands on my cheeks and gave me a quick kiss. I then headed to my room. Zayn then started to follow me.
"What do you think your doing? "
"Um going to sleep."
"I'm sorry. But Noo you need to sleep on couch."
"Why can't I sleep with you?"
"My beds not that big and I'm going to keep you up all night.
"Ohh." Zayn said sadly.
"Hey wait a few today's okay just wait till I get use to sleeping with my arm like this." I said then giving Zayn a kiss. Zayn smiled a little.
"Hey I love you and get some rest please I know you woke up early just to check on me. "
"Alright good night." he said.
(2 weeks later)
"Are you sure you don't want to see the movie with us?" Gabby asked on the phone.
"I'm going to make Zayn come with me on the week end when he gets back from visiting him mom." I said.
"Aww okay well tell Alyssa I hope she feels better." She said.
"Okay you have fun!" I said before hanging up.
"Now to Skype Niall." I said pulling out my laptop on to my desk.
"Hey Taylor! "Niall said.
"Hey Niall hows it going back home?"
"Good I missed the fresh air here. How's the arm."
"Aw that's nice. And good it's moving more then it was last week."
"Cool I'm happy for you. So what do we start with?"
"Hang on I got to call Alyssa in here.
Alyssa!" I yelled
Alyssa ran in to my room and closed the door behind her.
"Hey sorry I was talking to my mom."
"Aww nice. So what do we start with?" I asked.
"Well we need to keep it simple because she doesn't like a lot of people she doesn't know around her just friends and family."
"Oh why don't we have him pop the question here I can make dinner and bake!"
"Ooo and the the boys can help me set up fray lights all around the apartment." Alyssa said.
"That sound great girls and hey tay do you think you can put this in a cupcake?" Niall asked showing us a ring with a big rock on it.
"Yes I would think so. And she will love it."
"Wow she will love it! I think that's bigger then mine." Alyssa said looking down at her ring.
"Alyssa!Any way just think of what your going to say when you ask her okay."
"And Speak from the heart not just from the head." Alyssa said.
"Yes and don't forget to dress nice!"
"Okay how are we going to do all of this with out her knowing?" Niall asked.
"Oh man that's right she would just be at home studying for exams if she doesn't have anything to do."
"Well I get back on Monday and I want to asker on that day." Niall said looking at the ring.
"What are we going to do? I can't fake sick again. I have exams to." Alyssa said.
"Oh my mom is coming in to town that day to have her fashion show I can tell her what's going on and I can ask her to put Gabby and I in the show. And I can just cook everything on Sunday while you guys are at dinner with your parents." I said.
"Perfect! That's like almost 2 hours that will give me and the boys einofe time to put the lights up and every thing in place."Alyssa said.
"Thank you girls you are the best." Nail said.
(3 days later)

I finished baking the cupcakes for to night and the one with the ring in it. "Perfect"I said. I put the ring cupcake on a Different plate. Harry then ran in to the kitchen.

"Can I have one now."

"Ya sure I will go get you some milk."

"Hey is the cupcake ready?" Niall asked through the kitchen window.

"Ya let me just get Harry a glass of milk and I will Ice it." I said smiling.

"Wonderful thank you." Niall said. I turned around and saw the cupcake was gone.

"Harry? Where's the cupcake that was on this plate?"

"I ate. It why?" He answered.

"Nooooo!" I then dropped the glass of milk and froze.

Zayn then ran in to the kitchen. "What happen."

"The ring...he...he.. He ate it!" I said trying not to have a heart attack.

To my friend Gabby. Who's always there for me to cheer my books on and her relationship with Nail. Thank you for always being there for me and sorry Harry ate your ring. :/

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