(32) Another ME

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Cassey's POV

I opened the guest room and saw the woman and man laying on the two beds that the maids prepared.

Oh well, time to tell my mom and dad about thi--.

"i heard you sent two injured people here, Cassey" My Father said behind me.

"where did they even come from?" My Mom said.

I remained silent and walked over to the guy. He looks handsome but not really my type. I just noticed their clothes looks different..

I heard my mom gasped and i  looked at her.

"What is it, mother?"

I waked beside her and saw my Father and Mother's shocked faces, looking at the woman.

I looked at the woman

She looks like... me.

I stepped back and stared at the woman laying on the bed.


Sam's POV

I woke up and saw a woman, a man and a lady.

That lady looks like...


we screamed at the same time.

"Wha?" Pewds shot up and looked at the two of us "WHAT THE FAHK!?"

" i know!"

"how is this possible!?"

"Mister, please quiet down.." The woman that i assume is a queen spoke up.

"Mother, Father, can i speak with them... alone?"

"ofcourse darling" the King spoke and the two went outside.

"Alright, who are you guys?" The lady asked.

"Im Samantha."

"Im Felix"

She narrowed her eyes " Where did you guys came from?"

I thought for a moment and glanced at pewds. "I dont know..."

She sighed and looked at the window "You know, your clothes are different compared to the others... But its not my first time seeing clothes like what you guys are wearing. I saw a girl being placed in the prison with those clothes."

"A g-girl? what does she look like?" Pewds Asked

"I couldnt give you much infromation though, since i dont know how to describe what she is wearing, but her hair is long and wavy, brown with blonde tips and she wears a pink dress stopping above her knees. thats all i remember"

" why did they throw her in?" i asked

"all i know is a lady with a red and black dress told my father to lock that girl in the prison.."

"could you take us to her? She is our friend"

"I'll try"

I jumped out of bed and saw my clothes are back to normal. My sweet hoodie and beanie is back~!

We entered the prison and saw people sitting or standing playing with the hay or cups.

We stopped infront a room and in that room was marzia struggling to get her dress off the goat's mouth.

She looked up and a smile formed on her face.

"Sam! Felix!" she gripped the bars .

"ugh, Mad took you too?"  i asked softly

she nodded and snatched her dress off the goat's mouth making her dress have a little rip on the side.

"Whats your name by the way?"  i asked


"What the fudge?!" Marzia's eye widened.

"Could you please let her go?" Pewds begged.

"I'll ask my parents, i dont have the keys.." She walked away

"Oh yeah Sam! Mad put this letter thing on my back when he put me in the cage!"

I took the letter and it read "Dont give up just yet. A prize is waiting for you in the end." its written in blood.

I scrunched my eyebrows together and put the letter inside my pocket. 

I hope cry is alright.

I checked my neck... THE NECKLACE! The necklace that Cry gave me is gone!


i know it sucks... xD But the next chapter they will be back in Kara's place. Mad was hiding a secret here in this 'world.' 

Hahaha it sucks :c.

Im sorry if you thought this story was going to be really awesome.

I dunno why i put Cassey/ Sam's other self as a princess but it looked cool since i planned Marzia is locked in their prison :p

im sorry that this really sucks D; XD if you dont think this sucks then i love you :3


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