Chapter 6<3

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Louis prov.

Ever since we met faith i haven't been the same....At first when I saw her was wow she was hella damn cute..but harry likes her....that means I can't have her or harry!Yes I know I just said both her and harry but I can't help it 4 years ago on the xfactor I met this beautiful green eyed boy.When I noticed he was cold I gave him my over all.He had caught me sticking my finger down my throat to make myself throw up.Before the xfactor I was being bullied off line and online.And now I am apart of one of the biggest boy bands in the world.I do have scars on my arms from all the cutting I did.I know it wasn't right but when people call u a fag or throw u against ur locker or even telling u online that u should just die bc no one cares about u, it can eat u alive and I come from experienced.I did attempt suicide 2 times but somebody always found me and saved me.I know I shouldn't say this but I did fall for Harry and I am not ashamed of it.I also did fall for Faith when we first met but harry likes her so I can't do anything but keep my feelings deep down like always.When I saw Faith was cold I wrapped my arms around her and made her warm.I felt all these tingles on my arms and had butterflies in my stomach.I mean look at her she is so unique,has a good sense of humor,she's beautiful,she even likes CARROTS!!just like me!!

Anyway I let her go and she was still shivering a lil but before I could hug her again harry went to her and sat behind her and kept her warm.Oh how I wish I could feel his strong arms around mine.I mean like we use to when we shared hotel rooms or when we use to have larry time but ever since he fell for faith he won't look at me the way I want him to.

Harry's prov.

"U cold"I asked faith as she was shivering slightly.She nodded her head and I slid myself behind her and wrapped my arms around her waiste.I wish I could stay like this forever but good things comes to an end when...she squirms a lil and I get a BONER!! Really at this time.She stopped squirming and looked at me.Thats all I knew before she left me and went to sit with Louis.I screwed everything up like seriously.Does she know how much it hurts me to see her next to another man or listen to her when she says she's not beautiful.No because I haven't told her how I feel and now I may never.I think I just lost my love for her.....


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