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☯ chapter one 

the world seemed particulary gloomy that day. the gray clouds hung low in the sky while a slight breeze stirred up the falling leaves. one might call it sweater weather. i slipped on a loose gray sweater with my beaten brown boots. instead of taking the car to the coffeshop i decided to take a walk instead.

in no amount of time i arrived at the shop and heard the usual jingle of the door opening. almost instantly i felt a pair of eyes on me but i didn't look back. i ordered a salted caramel mocha and a pumpkin scone. the usual for october. i take a seat next to a window overlooking the quiet streets of a place i call home. i take out my mini sketchbook and open it to my work in progress, the moon. 

it's been a few minutes now yet i still feel those eyes on me. i tell myself to ignore it but curiosity kills caution. i look up and meet a pair of eyes that have such a beautiful color it deserves its own name. they were the colors of the ocean, all the shades of blues all at the same time mixing into one. a golden, blonde mess of a hair is covered up with a beanie and his lips wear a lip ring. he gives me the smallest smile and looks back down at his table. i smile to myself for the events that have happened and return to my sketching. i plug in my headphones and shuffle ed sheeran's album.

i spend the next couple of hours listening to music and sketching whatever comes to mind. i don't mind being alone, it lets your thoughts free, have your imagination run wild, and you get to think. sure, i may like being alone but i dont necessarily like being lonely.

it's getting late in the afternoon and the sun is slowly sinking into the horizon. as i get up to throw my trash, i notice a folded piece of paper on my table. this wasn't here when i sat down, i thought. i decide to pocket it and open it later. i exit the coffeshop and walk over to my usual spot for watching sunsets. the bench overlooked a large lake surrounded by a dense forest. i sit down and open the paper and begin to read.


i wanted to say that you look absolutely breathtaking. i'm sorry if my excessive staring bothered you. i wanted to introduce myself at least but i backed out like the coward i am. you look like a great person to hang out with. i hope we can see each other again another day. 

from, luke❞

azalea's heart pumped wildly at the words she just read. it wasn't common for her to get letters like this because she was simply unextraordinary. just another girl that blended in. but luke had thought otherwise. happiness slowly spread through her body and a smile graced her lips. luke hadn't put a way for her to contact him so she guessed he was putting it in fate's hands. if they were meant to meet again, they'd meet again. 

luke had made a risky decision in not putting his number.

but what's life without a few risks?

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