Silent Streets

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At the southern part of America,stands a humble suburb. It may seem like a normal village but you'll know the precious undesirable secrets and what hides and lurks in every household once you live next to the Davensons.Just weeks after you moved in Green Valley,an emergency sparked in your family,The 911 system cant seem to help you but your neighbors are wide awake at 2 o'clock in the morning,Strange.

Every night,you hear chants of some sort of ritual,Cackles when you take a shower or when you're just starting  to go to sleep,An old lady in white garments seems to stare at you through the window with her big bulging eyes ready to seep out of their sockets.Every where you go you always feel like someone is following you,you always hear voices and shadows of supernatural being kept on showing up at your house.. But of course you think all of these are just the effect of your eyes and ears playing tricks on you.

But this place just gives you chills down your spine,you tried to get out of here but some things seems to stop you. 

You can't escape. You can't run. You can't hide. Nothing stays.Nothing goes. Nothing lives in Silent Streets.


                                                                            * Prologue *

Droplets of water run down the slippery glass window, I rested my head onto the cushioned headrest and stared at the one story bungalows standing beside each other,We passed at least 30 houses before we reached the community hall. Mom turned the engine off and went outside the old,blue,second-hand station wagon. I followed her to the Community Office and sat beside her on the dusty black sofa to wait. 

"Are you okay?" My mom brushes my hair with her hand. 

"Not really." I let out a breath I didnt know I was holding.

"It's okay. That trauma you have will be gone while we stay away from him." I sighed at her comment. I don't believe her. What can make me sadder right now? Basically this state of moving away makes my trauma build up stronger. 

The horse face secretary with her white hair made into a bun, lead us to the office of the owner of this suburb.

We stood infront of a stout man who wore a wrinkled neck tie and a gray,striped coat sat on a desk. Just as we sat on the ripped,black,leather sofa... His eyes turned yellow and his pupils turned into a skinny line that appeared from the top and bottom of his eye frame. 

Mom had this sandy consistency on her arms,her skin turned gray and she faded in thin air. The man's limbs turned into tentacles and the lights just blacked out. I screamed and screamed and held my hand to my mouth. A sticky consistency ran down my legs. I brought my palm from lips,I expected a dry surface but I was wrong... I smelt the liquid... Blood. I felt a strong stinging on my stomach... But to see I had no skin from my neck to my legs. 

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