Nalla as a new born.

        Declan and Scarlette Petruva arrived at their house with their infant baby girl. They were exuberant with happiness and exhaustion. Declan couldn't stop looking at the two most important girls in his life with a tender smile gracing his lips. He held his baby girl in his arms and couldn't help the protective feeling that overcame him. He was terrified of that fact that this little life was in his hands.

         He would raise this beautiful girl into a woman. She's probably going to grow up and be just as beautiful as her mother. Knowing his luck she would meet a boy that is just like him. No! Declan decided once his little Nalla started walking, he would put her in a plastic bubble and teach her that boys were bad. Maybe even send her away to become a nun.

        He sat on the couch and just stared at Nalla. He thought about what would become of this little person he was holding. He knew she would be the most beautiful girl in the world. She had a head full of dark hair and an olive complexion that matched his own. That's where the similarities stopped for him though. The rest of her features belonged to Scar. Yep. He was screwed. His girl yawned and blinked a few times before looking up at him with stormy blue eyes that matched her mother's.

        Her tiny hand wrapped around his pinkie finger and he melted. Declan knew this little girl just stole his heart. He was terrified of his ability to be a father, but damn it all to hell if anyone thought he wasn't going to protect her with his life.

        He heard voices from the kitchen and knew that his extended family had arrived with their spouses and children. Scarlette led all of them into the living room and collapsed on the couch next to him.

        Vincent and Tyler walked up to him and peered at Nalla. Tyler frowned and Vince looked upset. "I thought it was a boy." Vince's bottom lip trembled. His mother shrugged.

        "I said maybe Vince." The pair of two year olds looked utterly pissed as they walked away. Next came Logan who toddled his way through to the bundle of blankets. Declan bent down lower so he could see. Logan hadn't started talking yet. His parents were going mad with getting him to say something. He gazed down her and Nalla looked right back up at him.

        "This is Nalla, Logan." Scarlette smiled at the boy that had become close to her heart. Vince, Tyler and Logan were special to her, but Logan got most of her attention due to his parent's frustration towards him because of his muteness. Scarlette knew that Logan understood the world around him and that he would start speaking when he was ready. Logan looked at Scarlette before his gaze zeroed in on the girl.

        Logan stared at her longer before opening his mouth.

        "Nal-la."   Spencer and Victoria Ash gasped at the sound of their young son's first word. Victoria knelt beside Logan and the baby.

        "Who is this Logan?" Victoria asked him, referring to the infant girl. Logan grinned and repeated the name with more certainty.  Sudden tears of relief sprang to her eyes and she hugged her son close.

        Drake Petruva looked down at his granddaughter and smiled at his youngest son with pride. "You did good Dec. She's a precious one. I can tell she's going to do great things." Declan smiled at his father and then back down at his pride and joy.

        Nalla started fussing and wiggling around. Logan was next to her in a second. "Oh no." He said and looked upset. His mother's jaw was on the floor and Scarlette grinned at the little boy's sudden talkativeness. She knew this boy was smarter than his parents gave him credit for.

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