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((Author's note: This is unedited and i've only read through it once, so please bare with me))

I woke up at ten in the morning to the heavy rain hitting my roof, the blaring music that came from my sister's bedroom, and the faint arguing of my parents.

I groaned loudly, only because of the rain that ruined my plans of going to the park this afternoon. 

I was used to my parents fighting. They fought so much you would think that that's the only way they knew how to communicate. Even though I hated my sister's dreadful taste in music, I was used to it always playing and without it; I wouldn't be able to wake up. 

I don't have anything against her music other than the fact that it's just not my taste, and I’d just rather not listen to people screaming into a microphone about cutting throats and ripping hearts out. In my opinion, that's just not music.

My sister and I were born identical twins.

And yes, I say were born identical, because besides our face structure and eyes, we are completely different. 

London has short dyed black hair and wears mostly black, and in her words "other dark colors that resembles her dark soul". I left my hair naturally brown, with a few blonde highlights and it's down to my hip bones and I dress as feminine as it gets. 

As soon as I was fully awake I reached for my phone, which wasn't in its usual place on my nightstand.

Assuming it fell, I checked underneath my bed and nightstand. I was so obsessed with finding it that my whole body was practically under my twin sized bed until I heard London snicker at my doorway.

I pulled myself out of underneath my bed and glared my eyes at her as I saw my phone in her hands.

"Looking for something?" She smirked.

"Give it!" I yelled, which woke up my brother.

She laughed again "I already read all your messages" she paused "and it’s kind of pathetic of you to text Alessandro" 

My cheeks flamed red "What I do is none of your business!" I jumped up trying to take my phone from her, but she just lifted her hand up to where I couldn't reach.

God, I hated being shorter than her.

"It's pathetic because he doesn't like you, and never will again. You’re lucky you got those six months with him, but it's been eight months, get over him."

I signed, louder than I planned "I don't like him, I just miss him and I finally had the balls to text him rather than wish I did" I paused "Did he answer?"

The grin on London’s face disappeared "No he didn't. I’m sorry Paris"

My mom snuck behind London and took my phone out of her hand while my brother stepped behind her.

"I'm sorry guys, I just couldn't take the screaming anymore" York explained, as London shot him daggers.

"He did the right thing" my mom spoke "You guys act five rather than fifteen"

"If only you guys were more like me" He shrugged and smiled then left for his room.

My brother was seventeen and a junior in high school, while London and I were sophomores. 

An hour passed and the most I accomplished was folding the laundry and watching a bit of vampire diaries. 

My dad shouted for the three of us to come downstairs, and when we got there he was beyond angry.

"What?" London asked, popping her bubblegum bubble all over her mouth.

He held a letter from the school up and started to read the envelope "To Mr. and Mrs. Shieldhe stopped reading "Does anyone want to explain before I get even madder?"

As soon as the words left his lips everyone, including my dad starred at London. She had a track record of always being in trouble.

"I swear since the suspension I haven't done anything wrong". We all recalled back to three months ago when London skipped school with her now ex-boyfriend Mark and received two days of suspension.

 He opened the letter and read out loud

"This is to inform you, that your daughter Paris has not completed the necessary steps to pass onto junior year"

London frowned "The only time Paris has ever gotten in trouble and it's for not doing enough community service" she rolled her eyes "unbelievable"

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