Chapter 5


I walked straight to him, not willing to let him know I was scared of him. I was determined to shove him or hit him as a matter of fact. I wanted payback for what he'd done to me last night. I could still feel the pain of my bruises on my shoulder and thought how can a person be that strong to just simply holding me tight leave such marks and pain. Still, I walked straight to him not caring at all what he could do to me. Anger radiated off me as I stepped closer to him. I came to a halt as I was only inches from his body and hit him hard on his chest. "I hate you", I said as I kept hitting him. He was chuckling at first but came to a halt when he heard me.

"What did I do?", he questioned raising an eyebrow.
My breath hitched as I took bravery to say it again, "You are an idiot." His lips formed a slight smirk.

"Getting brave aren't we? I must say I'm impressed no one would dare say such thing to me, so I'm saying this politetly for now. Control your temper", he said too seriously grabbing my wrists, even though I need he was mocking me.

"Idiot", I mumbled but he still somehow heard it.

"What did I told you just seconds ago?" he raised an eyebrow.

"You said to control my temper. I never heard you say I couldn't call you an idiot", my bravery surely was going to get me in trouble.
"You really need to learn some manners Ley, I mean it", he was serious very serious now.

"First of all you don't get to call me Ley; second of all what are you going to do? Hurt me again?" I showed him the bruises from my shoulders.

His eyes fell from my face to my shoulder and his eyes went wide and then almost as they seemed sad. I knew he couldn't I bet he hadn't a bit of remorse of hurting me at all. He wouldn't care if I were hurt he wasn't that kind of person but his gaze turned confused and guilty, something I didn't thought he would react.

"I did this to you?" he frowned.

"Yes, of course you did" I snapped at him.

"I didn't ... well surely it doesn't hurt that much does it?" he asked.

"Of course, it hurt you idiot!" I was getting frustrated.

"That's the third time you insult me in a few minutes and I dont appreciate it at all, Leyna" he said irritated.

"Well, I don't appreciate you leaving marks on my shoulders so I guess we both dont get what we want" I snapped again.

"I didn't meant to hurt you okay?!" he shouted.

"Oh, you surely didn't" I rolled my eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me" he said.

"I can do whatever I want, Daniel. You don't control what I do and what I don't" I said a little to calmed.

"That's it! It's a time out for you missy" he took my wrist and dragged me over school until we were outside and led far back the football grounds until we reached the back of the bleachers.

"Would you let me go! Ouch! You're hurting my wrists! Stop it let me go!" I shouted. He released me and stared at me for too long. I didn't what he would do to me and I felt myself panic as I saw I was alone with him, no one near us. "What are you going to do t-to m-me?"
I stuttered the last few words.

"Ah, not so brave now aren't you?" he smirked. "Ah, you are still stupid" I rolled my eyes again.

"Didn't I tell you not to do that?" he smirked again.

"Look, what ever you are going to do or whatever way you are going to-" but he cuts me doing the last thing I thought he would do. He kissed me.

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