Chapter 13;Found them

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I saw Gianni giveing me a sign.hope my latest developed move works.i hoped down and honestly I was off my aim.i was fighting normally then went be hide a tree because no one could hear me

"Paper cage bomb jujitsu"i whipered

Then all of a sudden a lot of paper went around one of the members of the akatsuki.then it formed a cage around one.then,boom!i think Gianni might have been I gave a sign of your welcome and ran off to find the first three.

I found a strange way it is the cave of the it's them I got the keys and unlocked the first three.i put 7 paper bombs in after we left.i think I made a big explosion because I heard running I got in the trees to find Gianni to tell her I'm on your side and I will help he in the war.

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