Chapter Two:At School

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Dreign's Point of View

Who's your textmate?-Kyle Asked.

Ren!?-I said but actually his name is not Ren he is Kiko.

If you don't know we're at soccer field.There's have announcement daw acording to school announcement board.

Tsk.I will not attend nalang.Argh Everybody ignore me.

Hey You bitch!-i shouted to one girl student that walking with my ordinary crush.

She looks at me but inirapan nya ako.She didn't know me ha?

Hinablot ko hair nya and then kinaladkad ko sya.

Hey what are you doing!?-She said while nagpupumiglas....

What do you think What I'm doing bitch!!?-i said.bitch na nga tanga pa

Habang naglalakad ako sa hallway na kinakaladkad yung babaeng harot na toh.Everbody smiles and some of them are stares at me.

Stop Staring!-i shouted to the students who stares me.

I walk and walk hanggang sa mapunta ako sa tambayan namin.I saw Sophia,Kyle,Reign,Vallery and Fatima they saw me with this fuck girl.

Why you with her?-fatima asked.

Isn't obvious that she fight me!Damn!-I said with cold voice.

So what do you want to us to do?-Vallery Said.

Just teach her a memorable lection -i said then I walk out.

Fatima's Point of View

So do you get it little girl?-I said as I hold her hair.

Please don't do this I'm sorry-little girl said.Oh c'mon kawawa naman sya Hahahahaha...

Oh c'mon sorry but napagalit mo nang ganun si Dreign,Did you know that Dreign has a crush to Michael? But I guess no cause nilalandi mo sya-Sophia said.

Sinabunutan namin sya and because of Taekwando black belter si Reign sya na ang bumali sa buto ni little girl.

Hinatid namin si little girl sa condo nya.Everyone saw what we do to her so mas kinatatakutan sila ng studyante dito.

We saw Dreign OMG!She is with her crush.She looks like happy.Di na sya warfreak.

Hi guys!-Dreign said I think she saw us.

Hi Dreign hi michael-we said with smile.

Hi -michael said with wide smile.

Dreign,mauna na kami umuwi.I think you enjoyed time with him.-i said with fake happy expression with voice

Ok bye!^___^-she continue walk with him.

We go to exit gate and for a few minutes of waiting.We saw manong driver and sumakay na kami..

Kumain na kami ng dinner.We doesn't wait Dreign.I know she's safe kaya di na ako magaalala.

We go to our each room.I go back to kitchen just to drink water.Then I saw her smiling while go uptairs and go to her room.

I just secretly smile and go back to my room.

End of my Day


Storyline by:Imthelostgirl



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