Chapter 1

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Laying on the couch watching my favorite tv show, friends I hear my phone ring. I slowly sit up and grab for my phone laying next to me. " oh great A.J" I say

A.J is my manager I do modeling and stuff because of my mother. I hate it. Really modeling isn't just really for me. I'm not going to starve myself for a photoshoot, heavens no I need my food. Anyway my moms dream when she was younger was to become a model but she never made it. So now she is living her dreams all on me. Great.

My mother dosnt understand that I have my own dreams like how I want to become an artist. I love to draw when I draw I can escape this world we live in and enter my own. I started drawing when I was young when my father left my mother and I. My father was my best friend and drew my pain away.

I sigh and answer my phone. " yea" I say. Now that I thing about it "yea" isn't the nicest greeting but oh well.

"I got good news and bad news, bad news you didn't get hired for the yummy nums cereal commercial but you got hired for something much more! My great friend Johnny, remember the director I told you about? We'll anyway we got to talkin and I told him bout you and showed some pictures of you and he wants to hire you!"

"Wow" I fakely say trying to sound some what excited. " what did I get hired for?"

" OH yes forgot to add that detail he wants you to be apart of a music video!!!"

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