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"Hey babe, how was surgery?" Nathan said with a sympathetic face.

"Well I was asleep." She said rubbing her eyes into focus.

Stana had been in surgery for about 4 hours. She could feel the medicine still making her loopy. She looked down at her stomach remembering why she was here.

"Did they say anything about the baby?" She asked.

Nathan smiled "it's great, they said there ls a change of health problems but that it's very small."

She jumped up out of the bed and flew into Nathan's arms. "We should go home."

They checked out of the hospital and went home. As soon as they walked through the door nathan threw Stanton his bed and wrapped his arms around her. "I'm so glad you both are okay." He said as he kissed her stomach.

She pulled him back up to her lips and pressed him down with her hands on the back of his neck. As the kiss deepened he flipped her on top him, straddling him. He slid his hands up her shirt and unlatched her bra. She slowly slid off his belt and stuck her hand in his pants. He let out a quiet moan as he took off her sweatpants. He pulled the bedspread over them and his hands made their way down her underwear rubbing around her. She reached down and moved his hand faster. With his other hand he took her hand from his and slowed his movements, making her giggle into his neck. "Come on," she moaned,

~ the next day ~

Stana as Nathan woke up and quickly got ready. They had a meeting with the whole cast of castle to discuss how they would write in stana's pregnancy.

"Hey guys." Said Tamala as they walke into the studios writing room. "Hey tamala." Stana said smiling

"Hey stana how's the baby?" Jon said hugging her.

"Oh, well these a chance of some health problems but it's pretty good."

"Good. Well let's all sit down." Andrew said.

They all sat around the table.

"So, my idea was that castle finds a positive pregnancy tests in the trash at her place. Then they get into a fight because Gina keeps showing up at castles place." Said Andrew as they all nodded. "I think it will give the audience a good story line follow and for new viewers will get hook them ok to show.

"That sounds good." Seamus said. "What's it gonna be?"

"What do you mean." Andrew asked.

"Will the baby be a boy or a girl?" He said.

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