Chapter two.

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[Flare's POV-]

Finland and Sweden had shown us to a bedroom with twin sized beds in it. I tucked Sealand in and then went to lay down to. I closed my eyes, and welcomed the dark abyss of sleep. The next morning, I woke up and went down the stairs. "Good Morning, Flare!" Finland said from where he was cooking. "Good Morning, Finland. What are you making?" I asked politely. "Oh I'm making Hot chocolate, some homemade bread, and porridge." He says, smiling. "Okay! I'll go and get Sealand up." I say, smiling back. "Okay." He says back. I walk to the room and go wake him up. "Wake up Sealand. Finland made breakfast." I say, shaking his shoulder a bit. "Okay, I'm up. Good morning, Flare!" He says sitting up, and yawning. We walk down stairs to eat breakfast.

[Time skip after breakfast]

After we ate and cleaned up, I went up to Finland, "Hey Finland I'm going to go meet up with a friend at the mall... is that alright?" I ask him. "Yes it is. Just be back before dark." He says, patting my head. I nod and grab my phone, stuff it in my back pocket... then leave. I start to walk to the malls entrance, when I see her. "Hey D-" I manage to say before I'm pulled into a Ally way. "Alfie wanted me to get you poppet~!" A British accented male says. I start to struggle against his hold. He shoves something sweet in my mouth and forces me to eat it. I start to feel tired after a while. I then fall asleep.

(Time skip brought to 1P England, His cooking will land you in the hospital)

I wake up in a bedroom that's not familiar. Great you got yourself kidnapped Flare. My head still hurts from that sugary thing. Dang, should I go back to sleep or should I try to leave this room? Meh! Sleep is for the weak. I get up and walk to the door. I try it and see it's open. Stupid kidnappers! I'm smarter! I walk out the door. I walk to the left and see stairs. I then here the voice from before. "Alfie! Come on in! I got the girl you wanted!" He says, cheerfully. Who's Alfie? "Don't call me that, idiot. I'm only here to see her." A American voice says most likely smirking. "Swear Jar! I'll go get her." The cheerful voice says. The American groans and I hear what sounds like a coin hit glass. I run back to the room before, dive on the bed, and slow my breathing. I pretend to be still asleep. I hear the bedroom door open and light but cheerful steps. "Wake up Poppet~!" He says cheerfully. I groan like I just woke up. I open my eyes and see...


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